Why should I learn linux?

Hi! I am not very tek savvy and learning linux seams like a pain in the ass.

But! it seems to be OP! so? what's the gain's in the long run?

My dumbass is using Windows, YES I know I know! don't have too tell me!

that's my question !


Why not?

I think windows is a realistic choice in many cases and being good at anything is still a good thing... So learn some advanced things about windows... play with some linux... doesn't matter...

One thing i did when i first started learning linux was to force myself to use it in a practical way, i set it up on a machine i used as an entertainment PC for my TV... so nothing mission critical.


Also, i do some web development, so instead of setting up something like WAMP (apache mysql php for windows) i setup a virtual machine with linux and those things...

The reasoning was simple... in production my clients use Linux servers... so i should as well.

Lots of things use linux and knowing something about it will only become more relevant.

As time has gone on and despite the fact that i still use windows, I find myself starting up a virtual machine with Linux Mint or SSHing into my VPS to do something that i now find easier on linux rather than windows.


Another practical use that might apply to you: 

VPN!!! if you want a VPN for something like Netflix or unsecured networks and not for hiding malicious activity then buy a virtual server from someone like ramnode.com, i just got the smallest one they offer for $16.08 a year after a discount code. I installed Debian linux and setup OpenVPN...

The best price to performance VPN you can get.

Yeah but that sound like I need 2 computers for trial and error like I said I am very little tek savvy and all them abbreviations doood?!?! ssshing and mysqule or the f*ck I don't know but as I only use my computer too hawk videos and learning about stuff and ooh I forgot to mention I know what a VPN is though.

So does linux have a desktop at all? or is it all code or commandpromts or the F it's called?


Linux has a GUI. It's not primitive lol. You should learn Linux because your Linux system is 100% yours. You can look at the source, change the source, do what ever you want. It provides the freedom that Windows can never provide. Linux is whatever you want it to be. 

i currently have "only" one linux rig, and its pretty much my playground, linux is really great to learn how operating systems, and programs work in big lines. I am a student electronics-ICT so this knowledge of what sits under a user interface will in the end help me with my studies. The thing I like most about linux is the fact you can change EVERYTHING, which might sound scary at first, but once you get the hang of it its fairly easy.

From your language i'd guess you are not the average geek thats messing with computers day in day out, so you might not be interested in linux, which is perfectly fine if you do not seek a job in this area.

However if you plan on doing anything tech related, its pretty much a must to know, as several things in our daily world run linux, without us realising it, for ex: phones, televisions, kitchen appliances, routers, even your car might be running linux.

To answer your original question: The gain in the long run is knowledge that is getting more and more important in the world of technology, and in the end, might even turn a profit to you.

To answer your post above: there is linux versions with and without desktop enviroments, as well as many different desktop enviroments, following a great philosophy: a linux distro for all.

Now your gonna laugh at me (probably or you are nice people here) GUI? them abbreviations .

Like I understand many things but the language of computers and other tek with abbreviations and weird words (there nothing wrong in being weird unless it has to do with kids, offtopic sorry) and stuff , but having a OS that's could be mine my own my precious? this sound more and more interesting but I only own a shitty laptop so steps to take? do I need another computer and stuff like that..

if you want to learn about linux i suggest you try to find an old computer for cheap somewhere, and use that to mess with linux, because then its not a problem if you break things.

I personally experiment with linux on an 8-ish year old machine that has quite some wear on it, which i managed to save from the scrap pile. and it turned out to be the most stabile machine i have, because i know every little bit thats on there, and know what its doing there. I suggest not diving in that deep from the first go though.

My first experience with linux was when i was about as experienced as you, and decided i needed to learn this. So i downloaded ubuntu (9.10 i believe) and immediately fell in love with its ease of use, while still offering full control. (ease of use is relative in this field)

You will need some technical know-how to get started tho. a great help is to put your laptop next to you, and google whatever you dont understand, its how I learned it, and how I believe everyone should learn it: trial and error. (i cant even remember how many times I ended up reinstalling my first linux install)

You can run linux from a usb stick without modifying anything so that's probably what you should do.


I think windows is a realistic choice in many cases and being good at anything is still a good thing... So learn some advanced things about windows...

like what? how to edit the registry? there is nothing advanced in windows at all.

Nice know you are talking I will get me and oldie and I will trail and error till my dumbass learns I have a feeling that Linux is the way too go in the future (if there will be one) because as you guys say you can do everything and anything with it and options and possibilities are FTW. and having and old stationary computer is kickass you can upgrade that shizzle any time you so yeah good point.. sorry if my writing is all mushed together and thanks for them tips guys I know I will stay here on Tek syndicate. ^^