Why PC game? *Hangs head in regret*

I am seriously unhappy.

Built computer between 1500 and 2k instead of going with next gen console.

Try to play BF3 Errors after I was able to play it but apparently "something happened" leads into a MESS as usual... could be audio drivers... o well that's nice so if I have certain drivers I can't play certain games and if I have other drivers I can't do other things like use hdmi audio to my tv when I want to relax with fam or use stereo mix REALLY?!?!

how about BLOPS2 oh ya it boots nice I'm pulling 144hz and frames average __ etc. "Higher Caliber" players woot... wait what? these people are worse than the kids on xbox and complain twice as hard about hacks when they choose to use mics or spam flood the screen mid game... like halo jumping over drop-shot'n though more fluid easier to do on kd than controller... well atleast a game works to bad it has a fraction of the amount of players :( gets really boring seeing the same exact people everyday... and not being able to play any other hardcore gamemode than tdm or dom due to the time it takes to sync lobbies with lack of people... oh well lets try something else...

SERIOUSLY I have 3gb and you're telling me I'm maxing at 202mb or wait what? O I got it so too much power cause it's over 2gb... http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200145206-Issues-with-GTA-IV-showing-video-cards-with-over-2GB-as-under-spec BUt wait that is only a "possible fix" which 95% of the time don't solve my issues!

and this continues... this game that game etc... I spend more time with google & forums than my games :( I am afraid I made a mistake trying to go full on pc and be an "adult" with "better gamers". Don't get me wrong now I have console commands and mods that can add hours of game time... but it's harder to make friends and just not as fun... Easier to boot up and all not having to rummage across shelves for games but... I don't feel this is a profitable venture. Overcome with remorse for diving in, purchasing over 100 games in the last couple months (some cheap 5-10 bucks but still) ... *Hangs head in regret*

Someone please show me the light in pc gaming... I've pre-ordered Ghost and BF4 and now I wish I got them for the next gens instead... would just get them for one of those except I can't let go to all I've put into this...

At the end of the day if you are unhappy with your PC gaming experience you still have a very powerfull pc that has a huge range of uses outside of gaming. I think you've just had bad luck, problem after problem, my pc is far less powerful than yours but I've had far less problems, I do think alot of it is just down to luck because since I switched to PC a year ago I have not looked back. I do miss the old and memories of Halo 3 custom games etc but then I look at what I have now and I'm far happier. Do you play with friends online? I felt very alone when I properly started gaming on PC but once I started talking to people and did some digging I found myself in some huge communities of friendly people and the options for gaming are practically endless. 

I went a bit off topic here as I notice most of your problems are on the technical side of things, in which case you should just grind through it and try and resolve them, I recommend downloading War Thunder, Planetside 2, Alien swarm and War of the Roses, all of which are free except the last one where you get access to alot more by purchasing the games. You will get alot more out of all of those games if you play more socially, don't give up on PC gaming yet, I think your bad experiences have left a bad taste in your mouth but once you get through it will be worth it. 

I am extremely tired and half of what I said probably doesn't make sense but I think I got my point across.

Pc gaming isnt plug and play. There is a learning curve. Once you put the time into learning how to game on pc its far more rewarding then consoles ever could be. Its takes time and patience. Pc gaming isnt for everybody. A far easier path is console but your sacrificing your gaming experience for ease of use.

well as for your issues with the players it's a game problem, not a platform problem. no matter what you're playing on cod is incesently complaining children. your best bet is to try and find a clan/group that hosts their own server (public or privite), you will rarly run into such issues with players when there are active admins and a community that doesn't tollerate such behavior.

problems with game performance will vary quite abit depending on the developer, and gta 4 is one of the worst ports around, if you look through a large ammount of games the poor optimization and bad ports will generally become a minority, best i can say is to do a little research before buying games to tell if they're infamous for bad performance

Thanks this all makes sense... Just have to stay away from console ports / research them first at least. I have planet side 2 downloaded already may try it again after a while... as well as look over the others you mentioned... (sorry making one mass reply) I like my fps games. Blacklight, Soldier front... but I need to find some good ones people are still into. Picked up rise of the triad didn't fill the void I thought it would. TF2 not my style. All these pay to wins drive me nuts so if you guys have some more suggestions I'll be happy to hear them. BTW I have yet to edit build it is a Sapphire 7970 not the msi I had to rma that one and at the point the other brands sale price looked mighty tempting...

To each his own.

I personally think that living without a powerful PC is suffering and I won't even consider switching to console because I hate gamepads.

There are also a lot of great F2P games like League of Legends, World of Tanks, War Thunder and Tribes: Ascend that you can't play on consoles and those are important for me.

Well, GTA IV is a one of the horrible console ports. I can only think of Dark Souls as a worse one. BF3 sometimes has really strange problems but it's generally really well-optimized game.

For me being a PC gamers naturally comes from my interest in computers and tech in general.

The only time I find a gamepad appropriate is during racing and fighting games. But I agree on everything else.

Well, racing games are also exception for me.

I don't play fighting games and I still prefer to use keyboard and mouse in all other games, including slashers like DMC and 2D games like Mark of the Ninja.

dont blame the pc for a user error.

Rise of the Triad and BF3 haven't had the best release on PC.

You might want to try games like ARMA, if you like FPS. PC has a lot of tactical shooters which break away from your standard meat grinders or run and gun games that appear on console.

I enjoy games like Left 4 Dead and Far Cry 3 on PC much more than I did on console. I actually hated FC3 on my Xbox, but playing it on PC was a breath of fresh air. I would warn that FC3 is a bit of a bad port, in a graphical sense.

You get better graphics ahead of consoles. You have a better immserive experience. And the games are dirt cheaper than consoles. Plus they always can go on sale faster than consoles. And last you're games won't die with the console. So if you want to play skyrim or Wolfenstein or Doom 10 years from now you can play them on you're computer.

And if you miss using a controller you can plug it to your computer and use it.

I don't miss a controller I prefer the mouse and kb. I use a controller sometimes on a few roms when I want to lay back and chill... as far as blaming pc for user error a lot of these errors seem wide range console not there simple enough... Just as I randomly lose connection to steam some people same thing others no problem. I get that I am facing a "curve" and I think I can manage with that but it's hard when I'm use to a larger community on the games of my interest. I mean if I can sit for 20 mins and not get into a lobby vs on xbox it takes 5 seconds... then also I want to add in the new maps and that also changes the ratio... I can understand these things from several points of view in the end it's just finding my niche here. Like arma was suggested but i'm of the understanding it has no vs which is my preferred style of play I can do things like borderlands or payday but they get old fast. I totally refused to play cod at first I was into halo and my friends kept trying to talk me over to cod4 I wouldn't it was "too realistic" I didn't want that I wanted a "game" (now I know it's not realistic at all but hey) Then I got drunk and so forth at my uncles he put the controller in my hand and didn't get the game back till way after I was tenth prestige. Not going to beat a dead horse and ya I like the fact that I don't have to worry about a "pc2" Just felt the need to vent a little and get some reassurance.

From what I've gathered here, it seems like your problem is that you just haven't found many games you really like yet. (As a former COD addict myself, I can guarantee you that you don't like it as much as you think you do.) Just keep looking, eventually you will find something you can really get into. Also, to my knowledge, Arma does have a PvP mode, though I've never tried it. 

Agreed. Do what works best for you. No one is holding a gun to your head to stay on the PC gaming platform. If you feel more comfortable with a Console go for it. A lot of people out there can be fan boys who'll tell you fuck Consoles, go PC. One platform truly isn't better than each other. Both Gaming platforms have their Pros and Cons. Also a lot of people out there sometimes don't have money to build a PC for gaming. Game on what you feel comfortable with.

I may piss some people off by saying this but whatever. 

Get world at war. its multiplayer is still packed, and you can find tons of people that play zombies. The best thing though is that in all of the 40+ player games, the only reason people talked was to say gg or to apoligize for something. and these 40+ player games arent rare.

Your going through what most PC games go through, I get a lot of problems with a lot of stuff, more so when it comes to the dam GFWL what a piece of shit that was, I personally have never had a problem with BF3, What sound card/chip you using? Also ports are awful on PC, some have been ok i suppose but stuff like gears of war and dark souls where shocking, I understand the devs for DS had no porting experience and at least they let the community fix it faster than they could and its now playable, GoW is now also playable but it took ages to fix... GFWL again, Also although we dont generally get as many bad mouths on PC than consoles we still do get them, I kinda miss them days though, getting into clan wars on MW2 cause some idiot thought he was "pro" BO2 is still one for this, and Ghosts am not going to bother with, just keep an eye out for watchdogs if thats your sort of thing, if not look forward to BF4 :) 

Thank you Fading I was worried that w.a.w. had a small community. I like cod4 on here a lot just didn't want to burn myself out on it.

SupremeFX III via Asus Crosshair v Formula z (RTKVHD64.sys version 6.00.0001.6873) Just one of the possible reasons though. I was able to boot it up a while ago somewhere before I rma my vid card or reinstalled windows... just worried i'll miss out on some of the bf4 beta if it follows same issue I'm facing here.

I keep thinking about jumping in your CS games :P but some people get furious when others they know randomly join them up.