Why Oh Why

When AMD fully embrace Linux, FOSS and actually go out of their way to support, their drivers (proprietary) are actual garbage. Yet NVIDIA who have poohpoohed FOSS and have drawn the ire of Linus but their drivers are flawless on Linux

I have found it to be the complete other way round.

I must apologise as I have AMD cards and I've had nothing but trouble, yet those I know who have N***** cards have had smooth sailing.


if you just wana rant that's cool. if you're looking for help, specifics please.


OP, your post is misleading.

Proprietary software go against FOSS. By saying FOSS, you immediatly exclude proprietary drivers. Only the open source drivers are part of FOSS (not entirely though), and on that front AMD walks all over NVIDIA.

If you don't care about FOSS, then yes, so far the NVIDIA drivers are superior to AMD.

You complain about AMD not fully embracing linux, then you go about praising NVIDIA. I suppose you don't know about the famous "fuck you, NVIDIA" speech from Linus Torvalds, nor how they have outright lied in an official statement about open sourcing their drivers.

Was it open sourcing the drivers or providing documentation on their GPUs? Doesn't really matter, because they didn't do either one.

AMD has put documentation out there for all of their products since at least the 5000-series (just when I started paying attention) and has a handful of employees who work on the open source driver. They're not up to Intel's standards for open source, but they may be moving that way.

OP, your specs?

Sorry guys, it was more of a rant, I should really think before I type. Colour me embarrased

Specs are:

CPU FX 9590


MOBO Crosshair V Formula Z

I do want to keep an AMD rig as they're MUCH more open to opensource than Intel/Nvidia, but I was getting frustrated at the Proprietary drivers consistently borking/not installing on my machine and until I can snafu a decent single card solution and use the opensource drivers, I wanted to run both of my cards in crossfire, which to my understanding the opensource drivers don't support, along with eyefinity. 


I feel you, OP. I've always had AMD cards and despite how much AMD loves open source and releases docs and stuff, their proprietary drivers have sucked for me without fail. I actually have a far better experience with the open source driver. Finally I got an nVidia GPU, and yeah I haven't tried noveau yet, but I'm pretty sure it's not great. The proprietary driver for nVidia though is smooth sailing!

To be fair to AMD, I weigh in FreeBSD support on my decision as well, and AMD doesn't even have a proprietary driver fro FreeBSD, while nVidia does. Also my nVidia card is newer than any of my AMD cards so that probably affects my experience as well.

 do hope that given more time, AMD's open source driver becomes better than any blob encumbered nonsense, because AMD deserves to be rewarded for their effort. I understand that open sourcing proprietary IP can be much more difficult than it would seem from the outside, thanks to those pesky lawyers.

I'm waiting with baited breath (though I will probably suffocate by then) for an opensource catalyst style GPU app where you can crossfire/sli, eyefinity/surround and OC cards

Linux support and FOSS support are 2 different things. AMD supports FOSS better since they have3 open drivers that are not performing as good as the propitiatory but for anything else expect high performance stuff  it is amazingly stable, while their propitiatory stuff is good performing but still unstable. Plus they have disclosed a lot of info ion their hardware. Info that help the Open driver stability. NVIDIA on the other hand has good Linux support with their propitiatory driver (more stable than the AMD closed driver) but does not care at all about FOSS and a good open driver.     

Long time linux users have always used Nvidia.

Suprisingly to know possibly to the autist generation - Nvidia are the 4th highest ranked company in contributing to open source. Also some of there top devs are responsible for an incredible amount of open source software.

But yes, Nvidia is proprietary. Stallman freetards unite.


anyway, do you have a source for what you are talking about or are you just here to disparage others for having a different opinion than you?

I have source.

Linux developer 15 years.

Your experience is impressive but its not a reference. And yes the freetards thing was pretty rude and uncalled for. 

The last list i have seen was last year in linux contributions in which Nvidia was 16th which was pretty high still (and higher than AMD).

Noone here says that Nvidia has not contributed stuff in the open-source in general.
But the thread is strictly about the GPU drivers/support.

BTW if you have that list can you please post it because i am interested...thanks!  

      ..."Your experience is impressive"

Actually it's not, it's common for most 30+ year olds in IT - I was just being a dick.

If you are starting out in the field I can say it does help you to move up the ranks. Although It doesn't take long to get over being a code jockey and inevitably one needs to move on.Hence the reason I moved into ISM - and it's far easier to get other people to write code for you  :P

I apologise to anyone (you) who thought I was being rude - no doubt I was.

Unenlightenment has always had that effect on me.

I am in academia and i think i understand what you mean. Similar dynamics here too.

no problem. it's the internet. we've all been that way at times.

I'm relatively new to using linux, so i'm interested in hearing more experienced people's views.