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Why Nvidia GTX 1050 ti not certified by Autodesk for workstation?


I have brought Asus FX553VE for 3D modeling purpose

its Spec:

i7-7700 Processor
4 GB Nvidia GTX 1050 ti Graphics Card

But its unable to handel 3D modling

Why ??


because its bottom shelf card… i.e. garbage; and I assume nv doesn’t want you to use that card for 3d modelling.

you bought a laptop to 3d modelling… oh well. Laptop parts are even worse than desktop parts. I don’t understand your train of thought - buying laptop for workstation loads.


Only professional GPUs (Quadro, FirePro etc.) are certified for use in professional modeling/CAD etc. software.


Actually I am new in this field, I had made a comparison with Quadro it was more faster than it. But Now I realizing I have made a big mistake. Can you Suggest me I will do to make it batter with limited budget ? Please help me …


Now can i Replace nv with Quadro ? After that Will it work ?


you can get external GPU case, and then get Quadro since its a laptop you don’t have much choice of swapping the GPU.

NV is known from putting limiters on the drivers.
Radeon may be cheaper option that will work.


if you bought the notebook recently check if the shop where you bought it has a return or replace policy.


Certification is an advanced form of the blame game. It’s pretty simple actually. Only quadros get certified drivers because then the company using them isn’t liable for miscalculations caused by faulty drivers or hardware.

In a game development environment this is more or less negligible, most studios use gaming cards as well. But it gets hairy in CAD applications.
To put it simple with an example: if you have a calculation error in a game may result in graphical glitches, a calculation error in a CAD application designing an airplane probably results in a few hundred dead people.

That being said, CAD applications work fine on a gaming GPU as well, and you’re not even using a CAD application if I’m understanding you correctly. Are you getting any errors or what do you mean it “doesn’t handle 3D modeling”?


because the workstation drivers are different and nvidia do not support them on consumer cards.