Why not have some one off site handle some of the video editing?

Just wondering if giving some of the unedited videos to a member here to edit would work since you always end up with a back log of unedited videos seemed like a good idea to me.

They are in the process of hiring additional staff to do this very job. Logan has stated that he doesnt believe in not compensating a person who would do this job, so I think he wants something a bit more structured rather than just giving raw footage to community members. I'm sure they would also be quite worried about retaining their style on the video, which makes it hard to outsource unless you really know and agree with the editor's style. Plus, the raw 4K footage is likely quite large and hard to transfer without setting up an FTP server or other reliable system for data transfer. Some of the money from the Patreon donations will be going to hire an additional staff member, which should help reduce the backlog.