Why my internet suck so much?

Well this is stuff, I use a 2Wire router (modem and router combined) and have the at&t elite package (5MB download and 60kb upload)

My problem, Every 30 minutes or so my internet takes a shit and just randomly shuts off for 30 seconds disconnecting me from every BF3 match I ever play =( and half of the month I get the move *shittiest* internet speeds know to man taking over one minute just to load teksyndicate.

Any recommendations on how to fix my internet speeds and concistancy

at&t sucks hardcore on internet, "you can't fix stupid"

find a different provider, is about all I can offer you, everyone has that problem, try to use ethernet if you're using wireless

although I'm not too great at it so I try to stay away from the arcane arts of networking, I just hear from everyone who has it says sucks

Qain might be able to tell WHY and HOW it sucks exactly, or maybe be able to make it less suck with some dark sourcery

Holy fuggen shit, they call a 5mbit/60kbit line ELITE?

yep thats at&t thinking they know what fast is.

^Also steam is notorious for low download speeds. I changed the steam server from London to Manchestor, that helped a bit.

the 10 down is the total bandwidth you have, but the thruput is the actual data transfer. Thus meaning 1 mb of download speeds.

Thought so. 

Im in the UK and on Virgin, I was on 10mb/s fibre optic for £20/month but they were throttling it quite bad during the day since this year (was going down to as low as 2mb/s allot) 

But they sent us a letter just as were were about to leave saying they are doubling the speed and sorting it out o.O

Last month they did it and we now have 20mb/s and even during the day it stays at 12-20mb :) And we still pay £20....... sweet.

I learned that one just a few weeks ago in my Computer Networking Class. I passed my final with flying colors

Get a different ISP. ATT is horrible.

Agreed. Go with Verizon. I hate to say it, but if verizon isn't avalible. Time Warner Cable is your next best bet.

Well there's always Comcast, and I've heard Fios is good. My problem is that I can only get ATT or Comcast in my area, and my parents are getting ATT because it's cheaper, which is just another reason I want to find a job so I can move out, lol.

Meanwhile in Finland.. 100M/10M <25€/month and 10M is free in most areas..
Good luck getting any actual speeds..

well I am moving to finland =)

As with all troubleshooting, isolate, replicate, execute, document. You will need a nice new (or used from Ebay or CheapFromChina) D3 Modem and a router or Linux box. Hook up your brand new high quality MOdulator DEModulator, and call up your service provider to have them provision it. Now we isolate; plug your ethernet cable from the modem directly into the linux box and run full network diags. Then add your newish router, after running firmware updates and resetting all the settings, inbetween the D3 and the Linux box. Run full network diag again. Now finally, plug in the old ISP box, and run the network diags again.

If the results are the same shit on all three setups, then you need to call your ISP and tell them you are filing a complaint with the BBB and the FCC because they are violating their SLA. They will fix the issue.

Nah, everything other is getting pricier..