Why Logan has a problem with Touchscreens?

Sometimes in your videos you say that you just can't stand using a touchscreen and you need buttons. Could you tell us why? When I started using my smartphone after 8 years of only using PCs with only mouses and keyboards I thought it was a great idea and it was pretty comfortable, I just can't get that "hate". PS really like your videos and I hope you'll be making them for an extended period of time and I hope Wendell will show his face again. But he's free to do what he wants so I respect him.

Well I cant speak for Logan - or anyone else for that matter - but GOD-DAMN IT I HATE FINGERPRINTS

Touch screens are okay for some things, but they're useless for typing. A real keyboard is so much better because you can touch type on it, and it also doesn't use up half your screen space. I used to have a phone with a slide out keyboard and it was great, now I use a projection keyboard because even though you still can't touch type on it at least it's a full keyboard and it doesn't use up my screen space.

For phones and tablets touch screens are really the only way to go but there are a lot of devices which really should ditch the touch screen for real buttons. Where I work we have this big filter machine which is controlled by a touch screen, but most of the time it either doesn't register that you've selected something or it selects the wrong thing and you have to go back and start again. I would kill for it to just have a bunch of arrow buttons.

I get 50 or 60 WPM with SwiftKey, what keyboard are you using?


I use swiftkey too, it's a good keyboard, but I'd still prefer a physical keyboard than a touch keyboard. Also it's pretty useless for things like SSH where you need a full keyboard. I use the hackers keyboard for that but it's difficult to use because the keys are so small, and it still uses up half the screen.

Putting it simply: there's no feedback. You dont get the sensation of having pressed a button if you press a button.

Phones can make audible sound, visual indication, and vibrate when a key is pressed. It's only missing physical movement. And it's not like the physical keyboards that use to come on phones had much in the way of physical movement either like a traditional desktop keyboard would.

There's an initial hurdle when using a device like that.

Nothing can properly replace a good click on a distinguishable surface. Especially if you're used to it on a daily basis.
And if you dont want to bother getting past that initial control hurdle, you'll hate touchscreen devices.

This is entirely reasonable IMO.
They're researching haptic panels though, so it might be all different soon. 

another touchscreen flaw: can't type without looking at keys. this matters more on phones especially when walking and e-mailing.

also swift key is still predictive text to some extent so will come up with words that aren't what i want. this means i have to proof read more and mistakes are more likely to change a sentence's meaning rather than just a typo. i had the word transvestite pop up in a work email... thankfully i caught it before i sent.

nowadays, i have a blackberry exclusively for work emails even though my main phone is a samsung s4 mini. the physical keyboard does make a difference. if i didn't email so much for work, i could probably settle for touchscreen on my phone.

type a 1000 words essay on a touch screen phone, then try it with a blackberry

 and you'll find out that key's are just better

now go ahead and try to write a 30 lines of code

 and you'll scream in agony and frustration

touch screens are fine for your average social media interaction, everything beyond that is torture.

given how powerful the hardware of those smart-phones is, it's a crime that they are castrated by their limited interface.

Finger Prints

Lack of tactile response (Haptic is a poor attempt to fix that)

Large performance overhead (Remember the old touch screen phones? Struggled to even understand a touch, Even my S3 has to spend time to think after I touch the scree)

ware of the screen

inaccurate for typing

inaccurate for video games

pressure by large companies to replace the keyboard and mouse with touch screens

inherent low performance of devices that use touch screens (Phones, tablets, laptops)

Heres a big one for me, Finger in the fucking way of the fucking screen making doing anything a fucking guessing game.


Touch screens are a gimic. Sadly a gimic that works for many people. And people are getting stupid when it comes to technology. (Thanks Apple) There was a time where if you wanted to know how to do something on a computer You had to find a program that would do the job, Install it, Learning basic computer logic and life skills that gave you a bases to learn more and then you had to learn the program. If you wernt an idiot it might take 5 mins to a few days depending on the program. 

Now days you can go to the "APP" store, Buy an app. Its already installed on your ipad and you click it and like any other generic app It does everything an average person expects it to. But if you want to do anything more than what the average wants to do, Your screwed.

Thats the thing. Touch screens are closely related to very simple devices that are too easy to use. No one is learning how to use a computer, people are becoming dumber because of it and soon only a small number of people will be able to build apon what we already have any anyone outside of that small group, if they want to do anything more advanced than the app owner wants you to do, is screwed. They dont know how to pick up a "Desktop" which is bound to cost as much if not more than a car, learn how to operate a highly acurate device also called a mouse and start doing what they wanted to do.

Oh and that saying, All these kids are smarter than adults when it comes to computers? Well you may be a fucking idiot when it comes to a computer and your shitty brat may be able to use a computer to play video games but hes not a fucking brain surgeon when it comes to the computer. Hell I build and fix computers on a daily bases and it still dosent fucking make sence to me. 

I have one customer, She bought a high end ultrabook. She couldnt work out how to use it. So I got her a windows tablet. Surely she could work out how to use metro on a tablet. Nope. Get her a new iPad.

She replies. "This is like my old computer, Why cant you sell all your computers like this? There is no reason to sell those other computers because they're too hard and have no real use."

This is the type of people we will have. People who dont care about anything but having it work. They dont care if its their fault or if its just a bug in the software. If it dosent work, Then its broken. They cant fix it, here you are the fixer guy. You fix it.

The amount of people who have asked me to hack some social media site because they think just because I can fix a computer, I must be able to hack into a billion dollar website and tell them who asked a question anonymously.

These are the people who imbed a youtube video into a power point and ask why it wont work now they arnt at home when they dont have internet. Here fix it and when you explain the problem, it dosent matter because it was working before.

It all comes down to the simplifications of technology and while touch screens and scrolls of light that we can view information and communicate on was part of our science fiction books that the small amount of us used to read as we grew up, There are inherint flaws in the technology. And thats humanity. 


I can't stand them either because I like to feel keys when I'm typing. I hate on screen keyboards because I don't get to feel what I'm pressing down. It's just a flat surface. It's like pretending to type on a table.

Just a few days ago i saw this new Blackberry phone: http://www.knowyourmobile.com/blackberry/blackberry-windermere/22133/blackberry-passport-release-date-specs-2014s-oddest-handset

Obviously, it being a blackberry it probably can't come close to an android device, but i'm really liking this phone. It's different and kind of awkward...just like myself lol. 

all i see is a bunch of guys who would never make it in the star trek universe.

lol. your best troll yet.