Why is Vsync handled so much better on Mesa vs Nvidia?

Got a bit of an interesting conundrum regarding Unity titles and Vsync. All the times I’ve tried native Unity OpenGL titles on Mesa with Freesync on, Vsync is just fine. But all the times I’ve tried that on Nvidia drivers, there’s momentary stutter.

Is this because the Freesync full screen refresh is 59.94 on Nvidia and 60.00 on Mesa? Vulkan titles manage to Vsync correctly, but consistently with Unity OpenGL native titles, the Nvidia experience is that it will momentarily stutter.

No meme answers.

Freesync is the ubiquitous AMD technology that is the free standard. If you want proper VSync on an Nvidia card, you pretty much have to use GSync compatible monitors.

Recently though, Nvidia opened up the tech and will support some Freesync monitor models. Apparently your monitor is not supported with that supported model.

Not the problem. I have done the manual switch to allow it and the stutter isn’t monitor side. It just always happens with Unity games, even with Gsync off.