Why is this TV still at my local store on clearence?

So at my local store there’s this Samsung M5300 32 inch TV. ITs open box and hase been there for many months now. Was 223, now is 140, and may drop again. I sorta forgot about it over all though until tonight.

I don’t see why it would get returned though… Theres no recall’s, theres no errors from the box I can see… Why would it get returned? I’m looking at getting an upgrade to my TV… Would it be better to look elsewhere?

Samsung is a decent brand for the price I dont see why not. Its plain 1080p @ 60Hz.

It might have been returned for dead pixels at a guess.

Having just gone TV shopping last month - i can say that it is because it is 32" and 1080p.

The market has moved on from 1080p. I was waiting on GOOD 1080p panels to drop in price where i am and (it seems) virtually overnight that they virtually all disappeared and now you’re looking at various 4k specs as entry level.

(for what its worth i ended up with a HiSense 55" 4k HDR with 200hz interpolated - think it can do either 4k50-HDR or 4k60 native. Good panel for the price, menus are good, out-specs a lot of panels from more established brands…)

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Overpriced Samsung smart tv with wifi would be my guess…shop around… My 40 inch 1080 60hz Hisense dumb tv was 150 dollars.


It crazy how these TV’s are so cheap now. I paid $2100 for a Samsung 32" 1080i tv in 2005. :scream:

shoulda bought an FW900 LOL

I recently found this site. It’s pretty cool.

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Is there an ok TV to use as a monitor? Like 14ms lag or less under 200?

lol. That’s what I was going to tell you to do with that Samsung tv.

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The response times for this tv

The 8ms is “minimum response time”. Sorry I didn’t get that in frame when I screenshot

Is minimum response the normal? If thats the freq I’d come to expect on avg I will def buy that TV and make it my monitor. Like, tonight maybe.

I’m used to CRT’s to be completely honest. I really don’t know that much about lcd screens.

I think the normal is the avg. which is 15 ms

Hmmm. Aight. Might go tonight if I can gather a bit of cans. Get a free 10 bucks LOL.

Actually I can buy it I get paid every week lol.

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Or you could see if their are any good used 4K TVs


What 4K Samsung monitor do you have? If i remember correctly that thing was basically tv size at like 30 something inches. I don’t think it was under $200 tho. But I think the color gamut on that thing was big.

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140 is like, the max I wanna pay.

I’m also thinking of having a TV as a new monitor. I’m actually looking at a 40 inch 4K samsung screen at bestbuy. Buuuuut… This looks okay…

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I had a hisense TV way back in 2005. It was pretty crap.

My new one is pretty frickin’ decent… They’ve come a long, long way…

2016 2017 Led … Seems fine… Nothing fancy

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I’ve decided that if its shill there next week it was meant to be. Been there since, like, april anyhow

it was a Samsung U32J590 32-inch 4K UHD LED-Lit Monitor

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