Why is this not a thing

KVM VGA-Passthrough for gaming this video show it running crysis 1 on the vm machine it look cool i would like to try it some time in the future. i mean why not just do this and say bye to windows for gaming why has that not happened yet?


This IS already a thing.... but you HAVE to have the right hardware

Go to the Linux section and go to the sticky:


It has been discussed pretty heavily.

Old technology, but it can be hard to do, you need AMD for it to work though, also there is a better technology called PCI Passthrough, it works better and allows you to unbind the card and move it to VM, better performance with this, its easier to pull off also.

We cant say bye to windows yet because its still market share, and Linux is not really ready for mass uses, more to the point of you can easily break something in Linux, although compared to Windows which is always broken.