Why is product design so bad when it comes to monitors?

Y-E-A-R-S ago, I remember winging and BITCHING constantly about how you can’t get a monitor that ticks all the right checkboxes. There’s always something wrong with it. Either it has features you don’t care about, or it does EVERYTHING right and looks like it was designed by FUCKING FISHER PRICE! All the right features, all the performance you need, and all while looking professional at the same time. I DARE someone to show me a monitor that’s 4K; has all the right features and looks tasteful and professional, and is well built, well designed.

And 21:9? PFF-FF! Don’t get me started. The Samsung Odyssey G9 for example. ALMOST perfect. Right away though. Who in the hell decided it was a good idea for this thing to be 49". FORTY-FUCKING-NINE INCHES!? :dizzy_face:

I have an EX2780Q and I bought it because I just said “fuck it…”. I couldn’t handle it anymore. LG has some nice offerings and just when you thought you found what you’re looking for, you go around the back and what the hell does it looks like? A goddamn TOY! The BenQ has professional looks, and it has speakers which are quite nice for a monitor. But I’ll NEVER use them. Someone thought they’d put more money into the audio, and sacrifice ergonomics. Oh, and add in a light sensor which honestly shouldn’t be there either. My conclusion for a while now has been; The only PERFECT monitors are 1080p monitors. And I will be SHOCKED if in a 10-year timeframe we see 4K displays that do everything right, that have their budget put into everything sensible and proper and LOOK great. 21:9? I can only guess. I might have to upgrade my monitor in as soon as a couple years for work, and I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of head-ache and frustration this is going to cause.

Let’s also not forget the pricing. You’d think for $1000+ a monitor will do everything right. Remember that ROG Swift 4K display from ASUS. :face_vomiting: Looks like it was designed by Hasbro for fuck’s sake.

Does ANYONE on the forums work in product design for the tech industry? Could you please form the Guild of Good Product Designers, or something? And come to a reasonable agreement as to how displays are designed and built? Holy shit… :roll_eyes:


You have my axe

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The problem is designers go by their own tastes when it comes to aesthetics (Just look at any high fashion dresses)
Manufacturers may change the design based on cost.
And then it still may look like a gold plated turd.

We often shade our decisions based on our own aesthetics so sometimes everything looks like gold plated turds.
Oh well, such is life!

You are buying a 1000 - 2000$ monitor, and using the cheap plastic base that it came with? The majority of those monitors all have the quarter inch bezel and thats it so you must be talking about the stand. Buy a decent adjustable vesa stand for your dream monitor and move on with life.

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Stop looking at gaming monitors…
Let me say that again… Stop looking at gaming monitors.
You keep looking at gaming monitors, aren’t you?

All the right features for you may not be all the right features for someone else. There like a bujillion monitors out there with all sorts of features combos.

You know what monitor I have?
AOC Q3279VWFD8… You can’t get any cleaner design than that. Of course it is dirt cheap and doesn’t have as you so selfishly used the phrase “all the right features”, but it have all the right features.

I understand your point, even my monitor, despite the fact I love it, can get one extra thing and it would be even better than it is, but in general this is as close as you can get to what I want from a monitor.

And this is the best you can do as well, get as close as you can get to what you want.
Also for the love of God, get a large monitor if you are to go 4K… 49" for 4k is just fine. It’s about the same pixel density as 24" 1080p. Getting a small 4K monitor is not great at all…

And if you are so unhappy with the selection of monitors on the market today hold on for a bit. The monitor is one of those things you buy once. It’s not a GPU that you replace every few years. Just hunt for the perfect one. It’s frustrating, granted, but them again buying anything if you look for all the right features is gonna be frustrating…


I have the feeling some people have not figured that the flat side is the one they ought to be looking at.
The side with where the cables go in, is not the interesting one.

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Yeah I get this rant, but I also think your looking at it wrong. When your at the high end of buying anything you are going to be paying for features you dont use and that is just the way it is. I would rather overpay and cover 100% of the features I need, and have the additional features just sit there than make a compromise and get say 90% of what I need at a steep discount.

I purchased an Acer 4k Predator several years ago and it was bad, rather than being a single large 4k panel it was two 1920x2160 panels and I would get constant sync issues. Acer never acknowledged the issue and after returning it to them twice for repair I filed a dispute through my credit card company.

I ended up spending an extra $200 on an at the time $1400 monitor and because of when I purchased it I had to make compromises. I wanted G-Sync/FreeSync and at the time it was not an option. So I have a Dell UP3216Q and while its not a perfect monitor it has been rock solid with excellent color reproduction and a total workhorse since I use it for work and play.

I hope that my next monitor will have freesync, and real HDR1000 support but im not about to replace a very good monitor just for those two features yet.

Why thanks, Z! :smiley:

Hey hey, hey now. Ok. How about instead we say; no tacked on features? I wouldn’t call that selfish at all. A 1080p monitor from years ago whose designation I can’t remember comes to mind. It had ergonomics, not overly designed, higher than standard refresh rate. And the CHERRY ON TOP! Nvidia 3D VISION, BABY! YEAH! We all know how that went!

And i’m not necessarily looking at gaming monitors. You are correct, yeah. I’ve noticed they mostly look childish, but that’s besides the point. The EX2780Q is marketed as a gaming monitor and a design monitor. And reviewers all basically said the same thing. ‘A monitor for everything’.

Although I don’t really want to talk about it specifically - since you mentioned it though - the Odyssey G9 is fine. Except its size I’m not so sure about. 34 inches is quite a big of real-estate for a screen. I went from a 20" to a 27" and the difference is quite good. Very noticeable in a working environment. I see a lot more in CAD files, for example. Doubling that seems excessive. 34" sounds nice. Especially for 21:9. I would say 39" is the most i’d go.

I’ll wait and see what happens in the coming years. Before a monitor, I have to figure out what my next PC is going to be. :tired_face:

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At least they don’t have the fins like the old Cadillac cars had.
Or the shark fin antennas like you see on a lot of cars and trucks today

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If you want honesty, because we no longer have designers that think like architects. They think like a kids coloring book.

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For real. You can say that again, holy shit.

At CES Samsung showed off the Neo Odyssey line. The Neo G8 looks enticing. :thinking: Giggity…

The only thing that i’m on the fence on; the curve design. I don’t know if I can use a curved monitor for work.

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rough day? :smiley:

Just thought i’d post this. :thinking: INTERESTING. Less designed, retains the most relevant feature sets.

Not like the regular Odyssey monitors. More business-ey. Neat.