Why is no one talking about the Xeon E5 1620?

Z97 will continue to be produced because it's designed for Broadwell which is less than a year old.

Yeah but even then your not going to be putting a drive like that in the current M.2 port on either X99 or Z170 and really getting your moneys worth. Your going to be talking new ports, or slots on the motherboard. That's still doable on Z170 if the user is one of the majority that it only using a single graphics card.

There are drives that do 5gig/s sequentials and use 8 lanes already :)

Sorry to necro a thread but I was just researching what other people have gotten out of their E5-1620’s and I have a E5-1620 V0… Been able to get 4.625 GHz out of mine pretty easily but not much higher, on X79, with 32GB of Samsung ECC DDR3 1600 mhz ram overclocked to 2000 mhz.

If you’d like I could move this to the overclocking thread.

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HELLLLLLLAA Necro … a good one though. Make your own thread on the question in hardware… is what I recommend @Savage

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