Why is my screen letterboxed?

Just purchased a Sapphire Vapor-X 7970 and installed it about a half hour ago. I boot up and my screen is letterboxed and I cant seem to find a way to change it.... Resolutiion is 1080p (oh, and this is hdmi btw).....This may be a noob problem lol, I need some help....

Are all the drivers up to date, and have you gone into windows settings and adjusted the res.?

Yeah everything is current. The res is set to 1080p in windows. I went to the catalyst setting and upscaled to fit my monitor. I've never had to do that before.


Are you running it on your TV or a monitor?

Im currently running on a Tv. I'm in the process of buy some monitors right now and soon I wont have this problem at all. That shouldnt matter though because when I was running HDMI out of the motherboard, I never had that problem...right?

I can't remember exactly where it is but in the catalyst settings somewhere there is a slider for adjusting the overscan, set it all the way to the right and it will fix your problem

Yes when i run my tv i dose the same thing you just have to adjust the stock setings in the amd catalyst control center.

alright, thats what I did. good stuff guys thanks alot!

I have the same problem with my tv where is this in nvidia's control panel. I wasn't sure what to search for on this issue so i never did get it fixed.

It was listed as "overscan" in catalyst. I have no idea for Nvidia.