Why is my pc unable to run the minecraft shader mod when

hi i would like to install the gslc shader mods for minecraft and be able to use fraps whit it to screen record it but i cant get it to stay above 30fps when im recording


my spec is amd fx 6300  4.1Ghz (OC)

                amd 7850 

                1x8GB ram

i found a video and in the descrition of the video it sad the spec that he was running the shader mod 


hes is running it whit a

Phenom X4 955 BE 3.50GHz (OC)
Nvidia GTX 460 1Gb
8GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz 
1TB Samsung HD103SJ F3
Gigabyte GA-MA77OT - UD3P
Antec 300 case
Windows 7 64bit
24" HP 2475W monitor

why is it not running well on my pc and run well on his pc if my pc is has higher spec any help plaease

Minecraft is very CPU intensive aswell as a memory hog. Could always throw another stick of ram in there and see if it helps before shelling out some real money on upgrades. Or try combining the Shaders mod with something like Optifine to add in some fog to the further out areas so your not rendering as much.

overclock the cpu?

Yah, I'm pretty sure that CPU hits 4.5+ no problem eh? Also, definitely put another stick of ram in there, doesn't it support dual channel? And your GPU looks fine.

Minecraft is not CPU intensive, it is not intensive in any way, it just relies more on CPU due to it having graphics on par with a playstation 1 title.

GPU is hardly being touched.

Recording needs a fast HDD/SSD and a fast CPU, also games react differently to recording, some will run nicely, some will record like arse.

Get that CPU up in clock, 4.5ghz+ is a must on AMD chips as it simply has to make up core speed to handle recording at the same time in certain games.

ok i will try to overclock my cpu to 4.5Ghz but i know on my intel rig which is a i5 2500k whit a gtx 560 it coulnt record whit the shader on whit mincraft render setting on far 

For my system, Minecraft is very GPU intensive with the GLSL shaders. A 7950 would be a great addition to a 2500k build for running and recording MC with the shares. Get a 7870XT for less, if needed.