Why is my PC so noisey?

This is what it sounds like when playing CSGO:


Btw, I recorded this using my headphone's microphone so it may sound relatively quiet but it is extremely noisey in actuality.

Also, if I remove the top part of the case (the case is an Aerocool DS Cube), then the noise goes away.
Any ideas?

I'm using stock cooler for the AMD Athlon 760k, if that helps.

Thanks in advance:)

Too much positive case pressure......my guess.

Interesting problem to have. lol

If you can try lowering your case fan RPM's. Keep an eye on temps though to be sure it doesn't get too warm.

Sounds like a fan is touching something like a cable while it's spinning but since you mentioned the noise goes away when you remove the top panel then it might be vibration being passed on to the case. It could also be that the top panel (Or some part of your case that is in contact with it) is slightly warped, causing vibrations very easily.

Thank you for the replies everyone.

How can I monitor (and control) my fan RPM's? I know there are some simple settings of presets in the BIOS but are there any good (free) softwares I can install instead?

I am sure it isn't a cable being stuck in there as I can see the fan clearly when I take the "lid" off.

Could you kindly explain what you mean by the vibrations being passed on or "positive case pressure"

Once again, I thank you all for your replies

it could have something to do with HDD vibrations


I recommend getting rubber washers and place them on all screws (it will help 100x, will eliminate most of vibrations - just don't screw them too tight)
Also you could stick some soundproofing materials - they help a lot too.

Getting closed water loop, or do proper water cooling ~ stick it to radiator with slow speed fans.

Clean out dust, you can make your intake grills in your case static by plugging them to AA battery (just make sure it doesn't connect to metal parts beyond grill - or you're risking damage.) The static grill will collect all the dust.

When fans are reaching their end of life ~ the bearings on fans get loud - WD40 if you want to keep them and prolong their life.

(from recorded sound ~ its like as if some wire was touching fan blade as they rotate)

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