Why is my key for steam not working?

hi guys i bought gta4&bully off greenmangaming and i found the key but it doesnt work im new to pc gaming and stuff could someone help me out

what does it say when you put in the key?

so i got the code i go to add a product on steam and enter code but when i put it in on my macbook air it says the server isnt working and when i use it on the imac it says the code isnt right ? can you plz help it is a gta 4 and bully pack deal i got off greenmangaming but when i get my new pc im building ill download it on there

Check your formatting of the keys.

Keys should look like:

AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC (15 digits long)


123ABC123ABC123 12 (17 digits long)

So added dashes or spaces dependant on key length if the supplied key does not.

With GTA4, it's certainly NOT drm-free and uses games for windows, but are you sure its supposed to be a steam key? After all you didn't buy it on steam

EDIT: looking at the deal on the greenman site i see, "This game requires a free Steam account to play."

Talk to greenman support


thanks ill try i just copied and pasted it ill give it a go

yes it says to upload to steam but im downloading it on my pc when i get i just got coz it was 8 bucks

but mine is 30 numbers and letters with dashes

OMG  i didnt look probley there were two codes i thought it was one for the whole bundle because it was on 1 line thanks for the help guys