Why is my computer so loud?

Hello all

I would like to diagnose this problem once and for all. Why is my PC so loud? It sounds like a Jet Engine and it pisses all of the people i talk to on voice chat and it pisses me off, I CAN EVEN HEAR IT THROUGH MY PLANTRONICS GAMECOM 777(it has noise isolation)! Heres my specs Whole PC: Acer Veriton 5800 Case: Some Acer Case MotherBoard: Acer M945G CPU: Intel Pentium D 820 Ram: 2 1GB and 2 512MB sticks of RAM GPU: Amd Radeon HD 6450 Power Supply: Some 300W PSU HDD: Seagate Barracuda 70GB. (I have cleaned everything out with an air compressor, so its not that) Also one of the fans (the only fan HWMoniter picks up) Always goes at 5600-5800rpm.

Please Help

Ya, Thats probably the GPU fan you are seeing there (A guess)

Do you know which fan makes the horrible noise?

Umm, my GPU has a heatsink, no fan. And i don't know what fan it is.

Well, Then I dont know it either :D :D

My next gamble is on the PSU's internal fan (I am feeling lucky)

Well, once i get my new computer ill rip this apart (don't want to now in case it wont work when it's back together) and ill see.

Start a Benchmark and stop each fan with your hand to find out which one is making the noise and turn it down or replace it.

Will do