Why is Google Chrome so much faster than Firefox?

Just got nightly and yes it is blazing fast just like chrome. I am so fucking happy i don’t have to switch to google chrome.


TFW your daily driver is FreeBSD and all you have to do is pass a couple flags in ports to make chrome a distant memory

wait what?

I just installed firefox 55, because I read that it can spawn more subprocesses at the cost of RAM.
And HOLY SHIT is it fast at loading all my tabs on session restore.
You have to go to the settings and manually set the limit of subprocesses. It’s default is 1, max is 7 (which I chose).
By simply reloading about 25 tabs at once I can get my R5 [email protected] to 50% load.
It uses 1.7Gb instead of 1.1Gb of RAM.
I am very impressed by this update.

yep its amazing

is a small memory leak though. caused firefox to consume 7gb of ram with only a few tabs. was over the course of a week or so of running

im on firefox nightly now and it’s amazing

i love this feature on firefox , check it out guys! https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/containers-experiment?as=u&utm_source=inproduct

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What the exact name of the setting?

There should be a setting called “Performance” in the “General” (default) Tab in the settings.

Thanks! But I already had that set to 16 manually though about:config before :smile:

hmm, just tried setting it to 12 or 10, but I don’t really see any more performance gains. Not with about 20 tabs anyways.

Maybe it’s limited internally to max. 7, but if they raise the limit, I am ready :wink:

In system monitor I had 12 threads, but It’s just too fast for my cpu already :smiley:

man the newer firefox really improves the experience on mac.

crashes about 7 times a day on the older versions but now it crashes 7 times a day but only taking out a tab or 2 at a time :smiley:


I’m sorry for the necro but…


Me too buddy! straight firefox nightly even consider uninstalling chrome lol!

Tomorrow’s the big day!

The most recent post is low effort and is a month later. As it stands it is a necro. If someone wants to make a new thread on the speed of chrome versus the newer firefox, then they welcome to. This thread is closed.

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