Why is everyone bashing consules (ps4) and riducoulously praising pc

I have seen a lot of people on the fourm lately bashing the next gen consules and telling people to get even low level systems over the next gen consules. Id just like to point a few things out before people continue to have bias torwards pc.

1. price to performance- lets say you build a 400 dollar budget build for a gaming pc, what are you get, an a10 5800k or if your lucky and i3 3220 or an fx 4100 with 7770 all with 8 gigs of DDR3 1600 mhz memory which will use 300-400 watts of power. with a ps4 you are getting an 8 core cpu (ill admit its not nearly as powerful as an 8 core fx cpu but its meant to be low wattage), a gpu that is equivalent to a 7870 and 8 gigs of GDDR5 5500mhz memory which all draws only 100 watts. both will probably have a 500 gigabyte hardrive so they are equal there.

2. hardware usage- say you build your pc is built with windows and steam is installed and your ready to play games. Just windows is going to use around 2 gigs of memory (personal experience from windows 7 ultimate 64 bit) that brings you down to 6 gigs useable for other processes though admitatly games will not use. at 1080p you will get playable framerates with this at low to medium settings.

Now lets jump to the ps4. The system is prebuilt requiring no time to set up your hardware (some users may not like this though due to the fact that there is no customisabiltiy). The playstation OS is said by sony to only use 1 GB of the memory leaving 7 GB for other processes. the ps4 will most likely use the extra memory to its fullest due to the fact that on consules developers have low level acsess to the system resources therfore they can use the hardware to the fullest giving it better graphics compared to the equivalent pc. here comes the best part and the basis of consules for years: the fact that consules will always play at 60 fps due to the fact that the hardware is the same across the board so the developer knows what to program for.

3. Games and online play- This is where I would say that the pc and steam blossom. The games are constantly on sale and they are competively priced which is what consules have failed to do up to this point in the game. AAA titles are not 60 dollars for a year after release and is the main reason that I switched to pc. Along with this PC also has free online play which is a huge plus compared to the next gen consules. Also pc has a much greater selection of games due to indie support over the years.

Although the PS3 currently offers free online play the PS4 will require Playstation plus which costs 50 dollars per year. on the surface this seems like a bad thing for the consumer but the reality of the situation is that playstation plus gives you many free games (this month they are games such as XCOM enemy unkown, Deus Ex: human revolution, and The Cave) and will help sony improve their online servers due to the increased revenue. With this I do agree that Although not ideal the system is much better than what microsoft currently does with the xbox 360. Also I would like to point out that there are many great playstation exclusives such as the kingdom hearts series and the uncharted series.

In the end I would like the fourm and the overall consumer to be more aware of the situation and rethink their opinons on pc vs. consule and consider both sides of the story in order to make a well informed descision.


P.S. sorry for mistakes this was written at 2:30 A.M.

1. Everyone needs a PC anyway so it's not correct to directly compare hardware that you can buy for the price of a console with hardware of a console. It makes more sense to compare the price difference between mediocre PC and gaming PC with the price of a console. If you have any decent-ish CPU, you just need to buy a GPU like 7850 to run all almost all modern games on high in 1080p.

2. Windows doesn't use 2 gigabytes of ram. I can prove it to you by running Windows 7 on 1GB or even 512 MB of physical RAM. Windows uses cache to improve performance because free RAM = wasted RAM.



The main console bashing is for the Xbone because, well, it's the Xbone.  I think we all know why the Xbone sucks.  Now onto the PS4.

Personally, I don't find the PS4 to be that bad.  However, the reason I don't really like it or the Xbone is because neither console offers anything unique from the PC.  It doesn't really have any extra features, gameplay mechanics, or anything to really set it apart from PC.  This is the main reason I like the Wii and Wii U: they offer something different from the PC! (though they really need to have more games available before I buy a Wii U).

Now, onto the Price-to-Performance of the PS4.  Yes, the PS4 does have a very good P2P ratio, right now.  A year from now, that's not likely going to be the case.  The AMD 9000 series cards will be out, and hopefully the Nvidia 800 series cards will be as well.  With that, a $400 PC will be quite a bit better than a $400 PC is now.  In addition, they can be upgraded, something you can't do with a console.  In addition, by building a gaming PC, you're potentially saving a few hundred dollars by having your normal home computer and your gaming console on one system.  And while it is nice to be able to simply plug in a console and say, "Hey, it works!"  It's not very hard to get a PC up and running.  Nowadays, PC building has almost been idiot-proofed.

However, my biggest reason for disliking consoles is because of those damn console exclusives.  If Sony or Microsoft want me to buy their consoles because a game is only available for their consoles (The Division I'm looking at you), that's not creating a good product, that's holding a good game hostage.

Now, with all of that said, there are a few things that I will praise the consoles for.  They do still give you a great price-to-performance ratio, there's no denying that.  They also allow you to play games on one TV with multiple friends, or host giant LAN parties with only a few systems.  My fraternity did that with Halo once, it was fun :D  And, of course, you can share your games with friends, and rent them, and resell, them, IF you're not using the Xbone.

So that's my reasoning.  I don't like consoles because they can't be upgraded, they hold games hostage, and they don't do anything to set themselves apart from the PC.  I don't know how many people agree with me, but that's my opinion.

That 2gb mark is a pretty big over estimation. I am at 2.2 gigs used up with chrome , quick time, and autodesk maya, and some background tasks running which I can disable. My windows memory usage is about 1.1 out of 16gb.

There are a few thread full of people who seem to think the ps4 looks like a good console and are considering gettting it. I will get one a couple years into its life cycle after a price drop happens or just a really solid game library exsists.

Consoles are and always will be looked down upon by the early pc gamers since they've invaded their community, stole a bunch of gullible players and then forced bad game mechanics and prices everywhere. Just like cellphone to smartphone "revolution". FPSes were never meant to be played with anything other than a mouse and keyboard. No one wanted to put up with the slow and glitchy feel of a controller. Now they do because it's more accesible, it's helping you aim, and the singleplayer of most FPSes on consoles are linear and don't require much thinking or twitch reflexes, just spare time. Now pricewise, you get a lot more if you buy a pc, because you can do so much more. If you buy a gaming console, that's what you're gonna get, a gaming machine with crippled online capabilities and controls and access to just a few games. Most exclusive games for consoles are usually easy and boring as far as game mechanics go, and as far as story goes, just look at Assassin's creed for fuck's sake. A clear case of franchise making by a bad company who saw an opportunity and exploited it to the max. Guess who likes beating a dead horse/tell the same joke over and over again? The same people who like memes and waste their lives playing the same shit, and also like to sit in mediocrity and routinise their lives.

Someone seems a bit heated *cough* *cough* tropiko *cough* *cough*

Well, his points are right. Console gaming affected gaming industry in a lot of negative ways.


Funny i still max out all my games on a HD7850 60fps+ with a pos FX6100 and it will still be better than the "next gen" consoles.

You've obviously never tried to play Crysis 3 or Metro Last Light

Well that will just be stupid as the that game recommends a gtx 580 or a gtx titan to run it.(and yet i will still be able to run it better than a nextgen shit box)

And Crysis ive never liked,but still playing bf3,borderlands2,fallout(not that its demanding)dishonored,farcry,tomb raider ect ect