Why is cable doing this

In order for Al Jazeera America, to be carried in the US on the cable companies, they made Al Jazeera English block it's live stream and YouTube Videos to the United States. Time Warner, Comcast, Dish, and DirecTV all said to  Al Jazeera that if they want the new Al Jazeera English to be carried on their cable and satellite network, that they would have to block the Live Stream and YouTube videos for  Al Jazeera English.  I speak Turkish as well, and they have also blocked the Turkish feed. Why are the cable and satellite companies being so greedy?  Have the people in the United States become so powerless against these big telecom oligolopies.  It is not worth it for me to get cable, or satellite for just this one channel.  I am using a web proxy that redirects my IP to other countries so that I can actually watch fair and impartial news that Al Jazeera. 

My question is what, if anything I do to get Al Jazeera to unblock their Live Stream and YouTube videos from the US?

Also, do you know of any faster web proxies because the one I am using is fast, unless I try watching it in HD.

Thanks for any advice


Their reasoning is that if they block Al Jazeera online, people will be forced to watch television to have access to any content Al Jazeera produces. Even if people don't subscribe to cable for that one channel, (as the cable companies no doubt expect them to,)  people who have cable but prefer to watch on Youtube anyway will be unable to, thus forced to watch TV and view ads.

They are doing it for the same reason they push bundle plans.