Why is a big part of L1Techs to advocate for privacy, but their store website uses a facebook tracking script

I use a script blocker, and I noticed that one of my blacklisted scripts I block (facebook) is being used on the store.level1techs website. But you always hear on their news podcast that they advocate for privacy. This really put a sour taste in my mouth after learning of the hypocrisy.


So you are not upset at all that they are on Youtube/Alphabet?


They are using an off-the-shelf e-commerce platform so it’s not like they made a conscious decision to add Facebook trackers. I also doubt they have any visibility into the data the trackers gather.

I’d be surprised if a privacy-focused e-commerce platform even exists.


Yup, this - looks like the L1T crew is just using SquareSpace for the storefront-

(among other references)

-which isn’t a bad thing, but any time you use a framework like this, there are probably going to be bits and pieces of various telemetry that come with it even if you aren’t actively using them.

You’re really not gonna like what YouTube tracks when you go there to watch them. :laughing:


Hi, welcome to the forum!

I am afraid Face book trackers can be found in many places, even on the forum!

I am glad you also block them, it is not just me…

Please let the team know if the store does not work with disabled trackers- I think it should still function?

But welcome to the forum, and glad you felt caring and motivated to mention this, instead of just leaving without saying anything

*(I’m not staff, just a fellow fan. Sorry if I sound odd)


The store also accepts credit cards, those cc companies sell your data, how could they let this happen


Can you be more specific about which script you are blocking? Or what URL it is trying to acces?

I just checked the actual network transfers from the site and don’t see any such thing:

I looked at all the network transfers and I only see our images, and squarespace. No tracking scripts.

There is a schema definition from facebook, because they invented that, but that’s not what you think it is if you think the schema definition there is doing anything. Having that there is not even like the argument about using google fonts, which they probably aren’t doing much if any IP tracking on, but that would for sure not be “script based tracking”

The schema file is “this is the definition of the things that are valid in this html document” and your browser doesn’t load or do anything with that url, let alone execute code from it.

Pretty sure the pearl-clutching here is an imagined sleight, not a real one. But if you saw an actual script executing actual javascript, maybe squarespace is doing something and I have to go yell at them. So please provide actionable details. For now, though, I’m assuming that this is a mistake on your side.


And here I was accepting out of hand that Squarespace runs tracking scripts.


I mean, wouldn’t be weird at all. Google and facebook basically define/control most of the internet these days with how deep their hooks are into everything

Can’t even blame them; no one wants to re-invent the wheel when they give you perfectly good tools to quickly deploy and develop stuff

More importantly, did you buy anything?


To be fair, i have these blocked as well, once upon a time, and since most sites dont really break, it stays blocked.

Then I learned about fingerprinting, which pretty much negates all the steps and addons I have taken in the browser for the sake of privacy. After all, only the privacy weirdo stands alone among the flock of kneeling sheep.

TLDR: Online privacy is dead and I stopped worrying and loved the bomb.


meh guess he was a hit and run, made 1 topic and hasn’t come back to read the reply’s…

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