Why I Dislike Gaming Being Popular

I dislike gaming being popular.

I dislike it because the popularity spawned a few hated groups.

You have squeakers. You know those annoying little things that pop up on XBL and now more commonly PC games?

You have your meme-filled troll types. They are the ones who like to annoy and bug people over games. They can often ruin gamers experiences. I'm not saying gamings popularity started these annoying people, I'm just saying they helped.

You have bros'. Those douchebags who are related to the trolls but not quite them. They often play games similar to the squeakers, you can think of the bros' as older squeakers.

You have those #nerd #gamer #gamergurl people. Yuk. Probably the worst. They and their bro counterparts made it cool and fashionable to be a gamer, and in may cases have ruined gaming communitys

Gaming communities have been ruined by these types of people. One of the worst cases of this is Minecraft. It started off as a fun game with a good community. Then Minecraft gained its fame on YouTube and it was all over. I challenge you to find a server that doesn't have a minor on it.

I already know this comes off as very hipster, but don't you miss the days..?

My two cents. Discuss below, I'll be happy to talk about anything on the subject.

tbh minecraft is kind of a childs game

More people interested in games means more money invested in games means more (and arguably better) games. As far as community is concerned, i think you are just looking in the wrong places, don't go to a frat party and complain how all these Bros have ruined Bud lite. Those good communities are still there, yes even in minecraft thought they have largely migrated to modded minecraft.

There are still good games around, and it's even better if your mate IRL also happen to game, one of my favourite things to do is to hook up my old computer as a minecraft server and just mess around with a few friends. Even guys I know but aren't good friends with can be real fun to play with. Online communities generally always have shitcunts in them, there are some here, there are some in most online forums, there are some in most servers, you just learn to deal with it.


You basically summed it up. Just get a group of mates and play on your own server.

Dude... I don't want to discourage you from this kind of topic, but I totally disagree. This is just a ranting/venting session.

This doesn't just happen with gaming. It happened with politics, philosophy, coffee shops, schools, colleges/universities, etc. It's happened elsewhere, and it's happening now again, and it'll continue to happen.

This isn't a problem with the community or the game; it's a problem of the community moderation/administration of those games. In Minecraft, if you've got underaged gamers who are acting immaturely or annoyingly, you should report them. Or just leave, and go somewhere else. Find another server if you must. Make your own and get good moderators/admins to run it.

Make good rules, helpful guidelines, tips, ideas, tutorials, etc. Encourage good behavior in your community be rewarding it with positions of authority, featuring that person's content, etc. Give them some kind of encouragement, whatever it may be. Discourage bad behavior, and issue warnings or bans when appropriate. This is Community Management 101 for any type of online or gaming community.

This has happened with online games, because of the way online games work. Someone makes an account, that person pays money to buy the game or a subscription, and logs on. Anyone can do it, so when someone does, it's a 'russian roulette'/'dice throw' of what kind of member they are when the join that community. It can be bad or good, but if there are millions of users, you'll eventually end up with some bad apples - it's the consequence of being successful/popular.

If you don't like bad apples in your servers or games, don't play with them. If there are bad servers where the moderators or admins don't get it or don't do their job, and either can't or won't keep bad members out, then don't use those servers. If a game is online only and has a bad community, stop buying items on that game (including DLCs), stop playing it, cancel your subscription to it, and find somewhere else which doesn't have those problems. Vote with your wallet, if not for the sake of changing the world (even if only a bit), than just to keep yourself from the grief of being surrounded by users whose attitude isn't agreeable with you.

You'll find these issues anywhere and everywhere on the internet. The world is growing, and that means with more connectivity you're going to continue to connect with more and more people, and interact with them. If every stranger you find is a russian roulette of character and personality, and that randomness is part of the inherent diversity of humanity, than having bad apples is a side effect of living in a world where not everybody will be compatible with you.

You won't like everyone you meet online. Heck, you'll probably find more annoying people than you will find those who are helpful or pleasant. But you can either learn tolerance, or develop grief, and the choice is yours to make (because how you react is still a choice). You can continue to be around those who you actively dislike and/or despise, or you can try the russian roulette of communities and hope you find some other game or community which you like more.

It's the same with forums, people on social networks, clubs, bars, etc. Every community is the same way.

You'll never find a perfect community. You'll never find a perfect game. Because since we're people who are in a constant state of change, and our definition of "perfection" at any given time changes with us, than we'll continue to have an ever-changing definition of "perfection" - so we'll never be satisfied, and we'll never find "perfection" forever. We may find something "perfect" for a while, but as we change our minds and grow through the course of time, we'll grow dissatisfied with whatever we found to be "perfect" before.

It's life. It's humanity. We're all different. Not to make a cheesy movie quote, but "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." So if by chance you should pick the toothpaste-filled truffle, spit it out and pick another chocolate; or don't, it's up to you. When you leave your door in the morning to go to work or school, I can assure you that there will be things that won't happen as planned, and that some of the things that'll happen to you are things you probably wouldn't have predicted on your own. That's because every time you wake up and leave your house, it's the roll of the dice, the draw of a card, a metaphorical russian roulette of chance and chaos.

You don't have to lament "the glorious days past" of PC Gaming. We're still in the beginning. Although some games may be filled with bad apples, there are many others just starting. Check out Space Engineers: it's Minecraft with Physics, but in space with stations and starships. Think of "Minecraft meets Star Citizen", but with good graphics and great physics (TheXPGamers on YouTube has some great speed builds of ships, and exdplains the game very well, go check 'em out!). It'll be online with multiplayer as well (and it's cheap on Steam as well, since it's still in beta), so you can try it out before it gets cluttered with bad apples and becomes the next Minecraft. Or you can make your own server, and moderate it yourself (so you can discover for yourself why moderating a community is so hard).

It's easy to say "the days of yore were better", but that is a statement which does nothing. You aren't really proposing a solution or saying what's wrong, nor are you doing anything about it. It's not a constructive argument, and it isn't helpful in changing anything.

If you want an idea for a better subject for your next blog post/topic/mini-article, how about telling/explaining to us what your ideas for "Good Gaming Community Rules and Better Gaming Community Guidelines" would be. Explain to us what's wrong right now with many communities, how to fix those issues, and why you chose your solution in particular. Give us alternatives, compare them with pros and cons of each alternative, defend your arguments, and give a conclusion of sorts to your work. Show us examples of good communities, show us examples of bad communities, explain what drives members away or what brings them somewhere, and how to keep an online community "healthy" and full of helpful, informative, kind users who treat each other well. You'd be surprised just how difficult that is - especially because creating and maintaining such a community is difficult, but doing that *and* keeping it active and growing at the same time is next to impossible.

It's easy to judge. It's easy to criticize. But coming up with a solution that works is extremely difficult. And pleasing everyone is next to impossible. So don't be so quick to jump to conclusions about this. Also, don't play those games which you know have immature members; don't play CoD, don't play WoW, don't play Minecraft. Try a good single-player game like Skyrim, Crysis, Metro:LL, Borderlands 2... or join an online game which isn't popular yet. Because you probably could have already solved this kind of problem if you really wanted to and had put your mind into it. There are many solutions, and many alternatives out there, and we've got Google to help you find solutions and alternatives if you want. It's up to you.

the games I play either dont have those kind of people or when I play FPS games I always play hardcore or a game mode that has team killing so I can take care of them if they are being annoying.

I dont believe this issue is directly the new generation of gamers rather people on the internet in general. I got my first PC, The Commodor Amiga at the age of 1, I had crashed my mothers computer and my parents decided to grab one of their old systems. That night on my own I learnt how to navigate my new Amiga and boot up Llamatron. Never heard of Llamatron? Thought so. 

Years passed, I would get my parents old throw away systems, usialy 3-5 years old and I would play my mothers old games. Never really popular games at the time. Games like Jazz Jackrabbit and Age of Empires (Years after it heyday). My first 3D game was Star Wars Racer. Boy did a play that game to death. Had the dual joysticks and all. I never had a Nintendo console, I never got to play Pokemon as a kid and people always called me a nerd. Now im called a wannabe gamer. That im not a true gamer because I never played Zelda or Pokemon. I like to take these people, Give them a laptop running windows 95, Tell them to open Minesweeper and if they cant beat medium in under 5 mins? They are not a true gamer. So many of them dont even know how to play. 

I was spoilt in ways that others were not. My age group, every kid had a gameboy, they had a PS1. I had my computer and what games I could get my hands on. First console was the PS1 when the PS2 was released and finaly got to learn what all the fus was about with crash bandicoot. And you know what? Now that im 19, I still play every game I used to play. I still have Star Wars Racer on my phone, I still have lan parties with friends where we only play age of empires. And I am still waiting for Caesar V to be released!

Back on topic. About 8 years ago, all the guys started playing casual games on computers. Bebo and such were popular and the birth of the modern day "Gamer" was born. Cant help but mention Runescape had a fair hand in it. Its bad, we know and now we have a new generation that were born after the Xbox 360 and PS3. their going to be entitled. Their going to be worse and we will or already are the old fucks who arnt getting with the times. All we can do is hold onto good old games.

I hate the internet now. Not for the technology but for the people. The internet used to be a place of sharing and creating. None of this meme bullshit. Real creating. People learning how to solder new ram chips to their PC, 32mbits of ram!!!! Talking about games was comparing your experience, walkthroughs, nice people who were happy to help each other out. Now its all /\/0 S0op3 n0oob. Fuck your mum. 1337 H4X0r bullshit. Even the average joe thinks they know all there is to know to computers yet they cant troubleshoot their own fucken wireless card in their laptop. Happy to provide false information as an argument to your simple statement, kill someones machine and still have the guts to ask me how to hack someone on Ask.fm. 

I think this is why I like this forum. There is a larger number of people who know what their talking about. It dosent change the fact that the forum is full of unintelegent children who think just because they know how to install a graphics driver that their the go to man for infomation. Cough Mr. Cough Cough Expert Cough Cough. 

My parents are looking at closing up their computer shop in the coming years. They have been in business longer than google and their reason for retiring with no savings and not enough money to pay the bills? Because everyone thinks they know everything now days.

The state of the internet is so terrible now days. Sometimes I wonder if anyone out there is interested in building a new network. Where it takes more than knowing how to open up Internet Explorer to connect. Somewhere where people like us can hang out, share our stories of our time on computers and share what we like p2p without mr isp or goverment watching over us. Anyone with me?


This is one of the best comments ever written (your comment, not mine). I'd group up with you and build our own network. Hopefully we could get Zoltan and Brennan to help us.

I sympathize with you entirely - everything I used to love has been distorted and abused. I use the internet to learn, share, spread knowledge, but that is not to say I don't find enjoyment from it. It is an amazing tool, but abused by much of the "young" population. I hate what has happened to so many communities, including ours, where people no longer want to be part of a group of like-minded people, they just want to be part of the  disgusting hive-mind of immaturity and disorder. They come for help, get it, and leave without another word. It's sickening what society has come to, and, inherently, the communities spread throughout. 

Minecraft used to be dark and mysterious, and based on exploration. I miss the old Minecraft. I can't even bear to play the newest Minecraft. IMO Minecraft plateau'd at about 1.8 (Adv. Update), then after that, it plummeted to a console-friendly, toddler-friendly game that was based off of winning and getting the most riches, which is not all that Minecraft is for.

I know I talked about Minecraft more than the actual topic, but Minecraft is probably one of the most perfect examples of the changing of the internet because of the popularity-boost of, not only gaming, but PC-Gaming specifically.

I absolutely hate any server that has enconomy, nearly every sever I join has people buying, selling, buying, selling, not even playing the game for what it is.


Absolutely agreed with you.

Sounds a lot like my story, in fact. I used to game back on the Pentium 100Mhz running Windows 95, which back in the day was the top-of-the-line processor from Intel. I gamed on it so much, kept it for several years.

The only console I ever had was the SNES, which was absolutely awesome! I remember those days when the internet was for people who knew things, for learning and creating things. It does bring back some nostalgia, but finding or building the right community is difficult.

It's true, I miss the old days of gaming and internet, phone modems and Doom with my brother..Rott on an old home network we were experementing with...(it barerly had the juice to run rott)

I am truely tired of listening to small kids whine and try to talk adult to make them seem older, Squeeky voices trying to curse someone out for killing them quicker.  And having to curb your verbage because there are small kids playing is even harder.

This sums up my thoughts perfectly into words.

i like when there are annoying people on my buddy’s minecraft server... once they break enough rules we put bounty’s on their heads and if they do enough damage to stuff we make a little army and destroy everything they ever built...

So the complaint is that people who are not just like you moved into your neighborhood? OK...


And at what point did minecraft qualify as a game? Minesweeper is more of a game.


Im Honestly shocked that I got a response. But then there are some of us who do remember the good old days. I dont usually get emotional, But this is something of my childhood that I miss. I miss the intelligence that the internet once contained. I wonder if Logan and Wendel would be interested in making a sub section of the forum that only those who actually give to the community can be a part of. Or even just a ranking system so that people who know what their talking about. Not to mention so people actually know who the mods are. 

This forum needs improvements that make it easier for people to tell who knows what. Now im not saying something like Toms Hardware. Their system is terrible. Seen so many Video card experts and such give out false info. Just a system where older, more experienced members can actually have authority on subjects.

There are some areas of the forum that I just avoid like the plague. (Create a PC) due to the masses of idiots and I dont believe there is anything to change that but if we had a more select section. Where only constructive people could post in. I know the lounge has some interesting things pop up but it gets lost as it is all in just one thread.

Now i'm not really an old member on these forums, Been here for just over a year but I know we lost a lot of old members what, 8 months ago? All because of the degradation. We just need a forum that is join by invite only or something similar where the good old fashion way of communication is used.