Why has Nintendo been drinking the bong water so much lately?

I just was playing Star Fox Zero on my Wii U and I simply said, "Why has Nintendo lost its way?" This doesn't deserve to be called an abomination. That would be too much of an insult to the word abomination... It is honestly a turd with a Star Fox paint job smeared all over it.

My hatred for this game is simple. It is damn near uncontrollable. Paying attention to two independent screens is just damn frustrating. At least on the DS they are fixed and make it a little easier to keep track of. On top of all the other nonsense, you have to constantly readjust your targeting. The tilt controls are the worst portion of this game. If they just used classic controls, it could have worked.

Games like this are the reason why games like Hatred exist. After you are done swearing yourself into a deranged state, you just want to switch over to a mowing down innocent bystanders

Nintendo, if you are going to make a game that is trying to rekindle the Star Fox 64 days, make a game with similar controls to Star Fox 64. If you focused less resources on your second screen, you could polish the graphics on the first screen. Granted, the Wii U has a limited capability, but this game could have been so much better. The building blocks were there and they were used to construct a game that should collapse itself out of existence.

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I'm so sorry, that you bought Starfox Zero...
Now, the thing with Starfox is, that Nintendo needed to use the screen on the controller. 3-th party games don't really use it , because there are barely any 3-th party games, so Nintendo must use the controller screen to justify it's existence somehow... They failed spectacularly in this game.
Great use for the screen controller is The Wonderful 101, for example. You have hundreds of heroes, you can split them, the TV focuses on one group, the screen controller on the other. Innovative puzzle design, etc. Starfox is just Lazy cash in on nostalgia, because Nintendo needs some cash to throw at investor's faces, look, we made some money.
I am sad to see Nintendo in that state, because the WiiU is probably the only console, i can defend properly, as being game console, and not low end PC...

It is a tragic mistake to introduce motion controls so poorly and try to capture nostalgia... I actually enjoy my Wii U, but this piece of garbage should be thrown out the airlock. I am at least happy I got my Amazon Prime discount and didn't pay $60 on this waste of a disc. Games like Mario Maker show what can be possible with the touch screen controls. Nintendo doesn't have to use the second screen on everything under the sun. Their trying to justify it, at every turn, is a waste of resources. I stated that they could focus time and higher graphical fidelity on the game if they would have focused less on the gamepad. I stick to this statement and say that Nintendo deserves a slap on the wrists for this one...