Why dont we use ethernet instead of usb?

theres 100gigabit ethernet cables, so my question is why dont we use them for data transmission? why isnt it used instead of usb, hdmi, display port, etc? seems superior to all other cables other than it cant carry power, well not much, in which case we could make an ethernet cable with a small separate connector with the ethernet connector that is purely to deliver power.

Good point there, however, I'd say theres a couple of things that need to be considered (both from the consumer's side, and also from the manufacturer and designers side).
1) size, ethernet is bigger than USB, especially connectors like USB Type C.
2) DRM. shudder, connectors like HDMI use DRM protocols like those found in the PS3, hence why 90% of gameplay footage up until the latest generation of consoles was recorded on X360.

As an Engineer, I'd also say that having different physical connectors for different uses makes it alot easier to design, diagnose issues, and also use peripherals.

In an Ideal world I'd say it'd be great to be USB3.1 type C for everything, but would it be practical?

Necro the thread @Anony_Moose linked, if you want.

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