Why does Wendel hide behind the monitors?

As the subject title - Im just curious why does Wendel hide? Wendel are you secretly Wilson from Home Improvement? :)

The man, the mystery. The people need a hero. Who is Wendell? We shall never know....


Every hero needs a mask to hide behind.

There is plenty of pictures of him around the internets with no monitor blockage

I think he just happen to be hidden behind the monitors and everyone else started the hidden face stuff

you just drestroyed the epic behind the man....;)

Why not hide behind monitors? Is it not a life goal and a dream for each and everyone of us to acquire enough monitors and epic monitor-stands to be able to hide behind them like a linux ninja or a demigod of gaben?

he just showed his mouth and eyes in the last tek video. or the tek before the last one. 

we should mind our own business re: his identity. your celeb culture is quite disturbing.

Its because Wendell is the Digital Version of THE STIG

There is a video on him explaining HDDs, that shows his face.
I think we should have a tek episode where both Logan and Wendell hide behind different monitors for each take, would be rather time consuming to setup, but seems rather comical in my head, hiding behind phones to CRTs lol, all good fun!

Or make up some story like the snow storm episode, and do it :)


Reminds me of the TV-show Home-Improvement, there's a character (Wilson) where the view of his face is partially obstructed by a garden fence. There's one episode where you can see his face. (just like that one video ...)

The best way to hide your identity.

Pancake People

I'm sorry. I just... had to.

You hit the nail on what I always thought of Wendell behind those monitors!

The STIG'S American cousin computer genius.

Joseph Chambers, you just answer your own question. This is joke Wendell has been doing for a long time. He based it on Wilson from Home Improvement. Plus he has a lot of monitors anyway to conceal his face, so why not.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA2kEoXpI3s Inbox 0002

celeb? I don't think he's a celeb at all. Just another dude. I just liked the irony of it and look! it sparked a conversation. Hi. I'm Joseph the webmaster of the worlds top eBay store http://beckertime.com - I'm 30 years old with 2 kids of my own. I don't have a youtube celeb "culture" - I have a real life where I can embarrass you with my wallet. stfu.

Well there he is. :)

I think it adds mystery to the show because NO one does that and most of us are old enough to remember that show so its a trigger.