Why does this website load so slow?

This is probably the slowest loading website I browse. It's very painful to browse due to load times from page to page. Not very conducive to retaining users/community.

I think it's errors in the HTML of this page that is causing it to "load" so slow. In reality your browser is trying its best to work around the errors in the HTML.

Its pretty slow here aswell.

meh... never really noticed it on my PC....


  Mobile however, like watching paint dry... and NO, its not my mobile internet.....

https can slow things down I believe, not many sites use it site wide

It's not even trusted https... They should really fix this, I couldn't load videos for a while.

same here, for about 2 weeks a while ago when ever I went to watch their new video on the site it would never load up, just a giant empty white spot where it was meant to be lol


The site does tend to hang for me at times.  Although, I've noticed that it only seems to happen in Chrome (my main browser).  On Firefox the site is nice and snappy (granted, I seldom use Firefox to come here).  Of course, I think my adblock is active on Firefox, so that may have something to do with it.  Anyway, even when it hangs, it's not terrible.  Just a second or two.  Today it's doing quite well though, so it may also be dependent on the number of people currently using the site (I imagine noon on a Monday is a pretty light time of day lol).  Server bog and all.

I have never found the site to be that slow useing crome....

I use https everywhere and this site does load the slowest, only about 2 extra seconds compared to everything else.

Of all the sites I frequent, this one is among the slowest to load/refresh/navigate. That being said, it's not "brutally slow".


How often do you guys empty your web browser cache? maybe thats slowing you down some?

It varies for me. I'm using the latest version of Chrome with HTTPS Everywhere and some days it is nice and snappy, no slower than any other website, but certain days it crawls. I click on a link and at times I have to wait for 15-20 seconds for the page to appear and even then not all the content is loaded. I also can't view anyone's profile. I click their names and after a painfully slow wait it is just a blank white page and the persons name, usually misaligned and hanging off the page. 

Makes no difference. Using latest version of Chrome. Some days are better than others...