Why does EVGA Precision X say some of my games run in DX11?

I noticed today that EVGA Precision says im running BF3 and the new tomb raider game in DX11 mode but i only have a GTX 285. This has to be some kind of glitch right?


Any body have an explination?

it's no glitch some DX11 games have DX10 backwards compat.

This means that it can run on DX10 cards but most of the DX11 stuff are not there.


(By other forum awnser)

Essentially the game will have some visual features that will required DX 11. If your video card only supports DX10, then you won't be able to have the same eye candy as a DX11 card. In MOST cases, most games that have DX11 features will support DX10.

But year here yo go :D

Wow thanks that make alot more sense than it being some weird bug