Why does CMOS reset fix my "no signal problem" with the rx 6600 xt on windows 10?

Hello there,
so my problem started pretty much day one after purchasing the RX6600 xt back in August. I have been getting the black screen on start-up since driver patch 21.8.1 up to the very recent 21.10.2.
My trouble solving attempts included, OS reinstall, buying new MoBo (B350->B550), new OS (Win10 Home → Pro and Manjaro KDE), new GPU (warranty). Nothing changed in the end, except my estimated life expectancy…
At last the only constant that never let me down in short-time reliefs from this nightmare have been CMOS resets. Everytime I change something in the BIOS, like case fan speed curves, SAM, clockrates or the likes my days of happiness were numbered. It usually takes a few days after BIOS tweaks, sometimes 1-2 weeks, until the inevitable happens.
So does anyone have or has had in the past anything similar and knows how to fix it for good? any help is greatly appreciated.

Yeah I have already taken this video into consideration, but it doesn’t really tackle my issue. So maybe I should clarify and add some information.
The black screens only appear on start up. Once it starts it never goes away. secure boot and driver removal is the only option. If the next step would be installing the AMD display driver again, or god forbid the one from windows update, the issue would persist.
The only solution I have encountered constant salvage with would the the CMOS clear method. Now I hope this might clear up some misunderstandings.
PS: I do not have screen flickering, no graphical artifacts, or other related problems discussed in Wendel’s very helpful cable video

The ASUS website will have the latest firmware and bios, and the manual that tells you how to flash it. Some motherboards allowing booting into the bios without a CPU, others don’t.

try putting a password on your bios/eufi.
it may be a fam member trolling you for spending all your time on the pc :smiley:

or saying as its new hardware, you may have a compatibility issue.

open your event viewer (control panel/admin tools/event viewer)
check the warnings especially critical’s around the time of the last crash.
error 41 doesnt count thats just a power off shut down.
find anything pertaining to your gpu/display drivers?
post a screen grab or link a log

open device manager
click on view and show hidden
are there any red or yellow cautions?.
again post the result.

last resort roll back your drivers to the one that worked. submit a report to amd. and hope they can find a fix.

oh and enable hpet in eufi if you have the option. it should be on by default in windows but often ships disabled in eufi. if its off your screed driver will randomly quit.
yes it will reduce some game performance but if your getting over 90+ it wont matter losing 4-5 fps. once you realise the stability benefits it brings on amd builds.

I would suggest to start with checking if you are running the latest bios for the motherboard.
Sometimes a bios update could fix stability issues.
But of course not always.

Check your bios settings, if CMOS reset helps it’s most likely a bios setting or firmware issue. Check your RX 6600 for firmware updates aswell, if the card has a 2-pin slot for bios flashback issues and or modes, try reverting the card to another setting or try setting/re-seating it in same/different pci express slot