Why does AMD look washed out?

Alright, so I might be imagining this, but it seems like AMD cards produce images with a subtle white tint to them.

I noticed this when we upgraded a 4770 to a 560ti back in 2010-2011. WOW with the same graphics preset looked noticibly better, especially in shadows, than the previous ATI card.

Now I’m seeing the Linux gamer post side by side of his 970 and Vega 64, and I’m seeing the same phenomenon.

Is there something I’m missing here? Can the cards really effect the image that significantly? Is it drivers or hardware? Am I just seeing things, and maybe leaning on my bias towards Nvidia?

With the 2080 Ti failure rates, and the fact that I run Linux quite often, I was considering going over to team red (especially if they launch something competitive in the mid-high end), but if this is a thing, I kinda want to understand it first

I wonder if he recorded it with each GPUs built in recording software (Shadowplay/ReLive) and the software adds a filter to video gameplay. from the rocket league footage you could see the blacks were more prominent in the Nvidia recording, I havent used a vega card so I cant say ive been able to see them IRl to compare so thats the only thing I can think of


They could be using different default gamma settings, it’s also worth checking that you’re outputting in the right format, rgb full, anything else will look bad (even if everything is configured correctly) because it’s being converted in a quick and dirty way.

I recently changed from an rx480 to gtx 1060 in my HTPC and didn’t notice a difference in image (which I would have as I’ve been obsessing over that lately) so I’d say it’s probably a default setting which is different between the two drivers.


opinion, but i reckon my vega cards look better than my previous nvidia 760 in terms of colour.

I’ve switched from AMD to Nvidia and back several times, never noticed a difference in image quality, at least in recent times. Maybe back when VGA connectors were used there was a slight difference, but ever since moving to HDMI/DP/DVI I have seen no difference.

I think sometimes people see differences when they are running over HDMI and have the wrong black level setting set. Nvidia drivers are bad in this regard, I’ve had them set the wrong black level many times, while it’s never been an issue on AMD.


Nvidia defaults to that RGB Limited

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This is most likely the problem, but that wouldn’t explain why nvidia looks better (to OP) as this would produce a washed out image, unless the display is also set to rgb limited, but that would mean that the AMD card would have crushed blacks which wouldn’t look like how the OP described it.

But it could very well be the other way around, often cards will default to different settings on hdmi or something like that.

Unless you absolutely have to (because the display doesn’t support it) you should always use rgb full as anything else has to be converted and the result is a pretty nasty image. You can’t changebthe way windows renders images so windows is always rgb and those settings in the video card menu just change what the output is converted in to.

Makes me feel better that I’m just either insane or have a very unusual track record with ATI/AMD graphics