Why do you hate cod series

why do you hate cod series, is it only because they don't offer any pc support ?


I just dislike the whole ecosystem (Menus, class system, storyline and online community, etc.) I prefer to play Arma 3 as my main First person shooter along with bioshock infinite.

Its over rated, raped the fps genre from the good stuff like ut and quake to the crap "tactical" military shooters we have today.  It slowed down the pace of fps games with the aim down the sights bs which only happened because of how limited the movement on controllers is compared to a keyboard and mouse, hands down worst community in gaming, sells a $60 map pack each year and people apprise it while actual good games fall to the wayside because they arent cod.


/a small list of fairly valid reason I expect to see posted.

The FOV in most COD games is locked at 65, which in many people causes eyestrain, and even makes some people feel sick. In addition, the low FOV combined with the recoil-less guns and terrible map design eliminates any element of skill of the game, who wins and who looses is determined almost exclusively by luck (and hacks).

I maintain that no one actually likes COD as much as they think they do, the reason it's so addictive is due to the skinner box effect of the unlock system. This video explains the effect in the context of MMOs, but it should be easy to see how it applies to FPS like COD. 


I'm just sick of that kind of games already.

CoD 4 was decent. MW2 was playable. Everything after that was just progressively worse, not to mention I could only play MW1 and MW2 for something like a month each. It's just too repetitive and gets boring fast, I have no idea how can people play this for years.

I see no reason whatsoever to ever play CoD when there's Battlefield series which provides way more diversity in gameplay. But I got bored of that too and didn't buy BF4 either.

I liked cod 4 when it came out. I didnt think it was the greatest thing ever but I thought it was going to be the start of infinity ward and others mixing things up more. I was wrong and it has been downhill since then.

  • The games are designed so that no skill is required to play the game
  • It is incredibly generic, there's nothing special about it
  • The community is god awful
  • They have changed next to nothing for 5 games straight
  • Trickshotting and quickscopes
  • The gamertags i.e XxzToXiicQuIkScOp3zxX

I don't know much of anything about it, but I am almost certain that CoD is on PC. Regardless, it's a generic shooter with a terrible community. I'd rather play something quality with real strategy, like Killing Floor or BlackLight.

(Yes, I know that I played 48 hours of consecutive Black Ops 2 Zombies, as evident by my Steam - that is a different story.)

Terrible community?! You obviously have never loaded up CoD4. 

Killing Floor has no real strategy as far as I am concerned. Run, point, shoot, buy better weapons, repeat.

Strategy in team mechanics. I don't play terribly often, being a mostly non-gamer. I find it pretty strategic, but you "hardcore" people may not.



Because despite the massive commercial success of COD, the series has done fuck all to advance the video game industry as a whole in a way that benefits gamers. They don't raise any bars, they don't break any new ground, they just sell, because they are designed to do exactly that and nothing else.

I don't hate CoD, I hate how CoD still tries to sell what little it has. It doesn't create any new experiences from game to game, and it releases far too often to be polished and well rounded. I personally enjoy military shooters more than anything fast-paced (sorry 1990's PC gamers), so I continued to purchase CoD up until Black Ops 2. When I heard Ghosts had terrible PC support, which Black Ops 2 surprisingly had good PC support, I didn't bother buying it. I bought BF4, on sale for $26, and actually like it. I didn't like BF3 that much, so I was surprised how much I liked BF4. Back on topic, I think CoD had good games at one point when the series was in transition from old to new, but now it's just Madden Military Shooter.

The last COD I enjoyed was COD5 WaW LAN and after that its been a rehash of the same old trite stuff year after year. Haven't played anything newer than MW3, and even that sucked monkey balls. COD4 had great online play but even that was somewhat of a killstreak aircraft bombing or chopper wankfest in crowded servers and small maps. Since then, it has only gotten worse and to the point where the actual gameplay is about running around and hoping not to get shot from behind. Spawn, run in a corridor, kill someone looking the other way, reload, run, get shot from back, respawn. And, the perks and other crap; mines, airdrops, missiles, osprey gunner...too much extra stuff. They focused so much on making the game like real war that they forgot it's supposed to be a first person SHOOTER

I don't hate CoD. I actually played it competitively. I think that CoD ruined the FPS genre though because it should have never been considered an FPS in my opinion. FPS games are games like Quake, CS1.6/S/GO, Halo, etc. Not games where you are running around ADS'ing. I would like to put games where you full on ADS (except for snipers) in a category called Hair Twitch Shooters. They require reaction time and that's about it. Map design on most CoD games sucks, it's literally 3 lanes and you just hold a lane. That's it. There is very little team skill required in CoD compared to most FPS games. And the games really haven't changed since I was in 7th grade and first got an Xbox 360. The days before I learned about PC gaming. :)

I personally Don't Hate COD Ether but in My Opinion what makes the game bad are these

  • Activision took advantage of the Community in terms of DLC Prices
  • It Got REALLY Repetitive in terms of Game Play
  • The Skill Level Required DECREASED as each Call of Duty Released.
  • The Community for that Game is HORRENDOUS.
  • The Campaigns Focused too Much on Making it like an Action film instead of Focusing on Story, which in My Opinion really was an added bonus to the games.
  • the Games Also Became more and more unbalanced as Each Game got released/
  • and Finally "Every Year?a new COD? Come On that was a shot in the foot enough.

Personally I Can go Back to COD 4 and COD [email protected] and still have fun on PC, in my opinion those games will never get old.

but Overall Activision and the Community Ruined the Game. The Only Thing I Can see a Reason going back to play COD is to Play a Game of Zombies, just to chill and relax and have fun, I Mean sure zombies gets boring sometimes but it still fun to play with some friends.. but to play multiplayer online? ehh not so much. the Community Ruined it for me, at least that's how i see it,

I still pop into COD4 every once in a while. It's a wonderful game, but I don't care for anything that came after it.

Its pure rehashing much like the sims franchise.

COD 4 and WAW was good other then that Battlefield and Counter strike are better just are more fun to me but back in the day me and my friends had a hell of a time with COD 4 and WAW.  The new call of duty games seem kind of gimmicky and battlefield seems to be moving there games forward more where COD as far as the basics of multiplayer have been the same for years.

So what happens when you've unlocked the things you want to use, or have unlocked everything. Do you still keep playing for the Skinner box effect? I don't think so. Unlocks only go so far, I've unlocked everything in BF4 that I want and even things I don't want, I don't play it for the unlocks, I play it because it's fun.

The times it isn't fun, I'll not play. Had some issues with the game so it wasn't fun to play, I stopped for a week, tried again, problems gotten worse, saw a day later there was an update, tried again and it was fun again. Even though there's nothing anymore for me to unlock (nothing of importance anyway, and I'm not working towards unlocking them).

There's no point in playing for the levels in BF4 either, they just throw more stuff at me that I won't use. I play it when it's fun and the moment I don't like it anymore, I stop for a while and check back later to see if it's gotten fun for me again.

The only exception to that for me would be MMO's, in particular WoW (though it has no appeal for me anymore, but I've had fun most of the time I was playing it). But even that I stopped playing because I wasn't enjoying myself anymore. So I don't know... the theory holds true for some time, but it doesn't stay true, at least not for me. I would still play BF4 even if you didn't have to unlock anything.

I've played SoF2 for 2 years and then occasionally for 3 more years. There was nothing to unlock there, there were no expansions, what you bought was what you got and the only thing that was extra were mods, and there was only 1-2 worth playing, and only 2 playermade maps that were decent.

In MMO's and RPG's I believe that theory holds true for much longer. I preferred WoW when you got *something* every other level opposed to how it currently is. A talent point, some spells, didn't matter, even if it was a useless spell it felt like something. When you gain 5 levels and don't really get anything, that's no fun, why are you leveling... Even if the levels go faster, if you don't unlock anything it doesn't feel like progression to me, and progression is kinda required in a MMO/RPG imo.


On to COD. It's a piece of shit really.

Silly childlike camouflages for guns, outdated and childlike UI elements (kill messages and such), mechanics that immediately have a low skill impression (no recoil for example), kill streaks in a wannabe realistic shooter, small maps, ugly.

Fix all of these and you pretty much end up with BF. So they don't need to be fixed, there's already a game that does all those fixes. COD4 was probably the last good COD because it didn't have many of the things listed in previous paragraph. Though memory might be fuzzy, after all I didn't play that one very long either (a few times on LAN parties and that's basically it).

The small maps and some of the game modes they have, and the mechanics of the shooting, seem to make it somewhat better for extremely casual play. Get in, shoot five minutes, and be done with it. For a casual shooter it seems somewhat ok to have all these flaws. But then don't go pretending to be a "realistic" shooter, you're not. Even BF is more arcade than realistic, but they're doing a better job in the realistic department.

I prefer faster paced non-realistic shooters like Q3 (cpma, preferably instagib since I'm not good at the "normal" weapons) or even SoF2, but seems like they don't quite make games like that anymore. Or I'm not finding them. (Rise of the Triad was horribly bad performance-wise here so I don't count that)