Why do Steam continue to bring out older games?

I have an example, i bought Max Payne on Steam and the sound fails to work, there is a fix on Steam but after all things followed, it fails to work still as the fix fails to work it's self.


So i head to a private tracker and download it for the Original XBOX knowing it will work, i get what i paid for and am happy.

But the sad thing is Valve are making money on dud games bought by people like me who bought it out of nostalgia... wearing those goggles you will buy almost anything.



I find it really sad that PC gaming is stooping so low, and the main platform for this is Valve's Steam platform.



Yeah because that is the answer to everything, as i said nostalgia goggles.

I would love to know how many users are still on XP/2000 :)

Considering 5% is tiny, then yes, or remove the game altogether from the Store page, those with the games will already own the game.

You know what, i should totally wipe Windows 8.1 and install Windows 2000 just for Max Payne.


But then again i guess my logic is the one at fault.

And Win 7 is almost 50%.... so i guess you would tell all of them to go and install XP/2000 too? as the game does not work correctly on 7 either.

If a game is on Steam that only supports 1 OS... why even bother putting it on the store? this is 2014... we are no longer on XP/2000 i should not have to look up requirements as i expect the game to run, requirements or not  the game is there readily available to purchase for anyone, maybe you should put up a survey for how many people check system requirements.


Let's not even forget that 5% IS tiny.

Not sure but i think 10% and 48% are higher numbers than 5% and in turn would bring Valve more profit.



Shut up you pleb, i am the type of person who buys things expecting them to work, and being the elitist kind of PC gamer "master race" i never check system requirements because i am above all else, i thought this was the correct behavior for PC gamers?


Sorry i offended you by doing what normal PC gamers do.

kai are you really trying to stand up for xp? I completely agree a game that old should be removed from purchase or at least ported. Hate to break it to the fanboys but majority of steam users are on win 7,
Kai, no one works for you here and he is not trying to explain his purchase, but clearly you are trying to start a flamewar of sorts.

Quit replying and know your place peasant.

If i am such an illogical thinker, you are even dumber for replying to any of this, maybe you should think about how far i managed to drop your IQ, from say 40 to 3.


If you really want to keep attacking me and insulting me, please do carry on, it will only end in your demise.

This is the side effect for having a digital store front. 

It doesn't get updates. 


I'm personally fine with it still on the store. Just gives me a option to play the originals 

That is a dumb statement ...

But I do think that Steam should know what PC you are running and only offer you games that are compatible with your OS .

That being said , you seem too lazy to right click + press on the "run in compatibility mode" button .

Or perhaps you judge all books by their covers? Windows compatibility does not fix the problem.


Touche, you almost had me.



It's the result of people being lazy , and used to things being handed to them.

Read system requirements , and maybe ( just maybe ) look at the release date before buying .

As i stated an IQ of 3, games are not cars, no one on Steam speaks in a voice talking about your purchase.


Pleb is short for plebeian, normally meaning a poorer person, i am using this in a different context however and using it to describe your intelligence.


If you were not so condescending, which is fully offensive, then maybe i would not have to change my tone towards you.

But of course, you have superior logic than anyone else here.

"It's been on Steam since 2008, in 2008 Vista was brand new, don't go bitching that you bought an old PC title that clearly states XP/2000"

"Your logic is flawed, read the system requirements or you'll run into incompatibilities."

"5% is not tiny, that's 1/20. "

"Your the sort of person that would complain if you wanted to buy a game that was removed from Steam."

This is from a superior logical thinker and someone who believes their shit stinks of roses.


Well Defender_of_Sparta, im not a mod, but you are way more offensive then Kai, also there is added Hyper-V support in windows 8.1, so you can run Windows XP in windows 8.1 without even installing VMware. And your argument, that steam should wipe all old-system games is just.... well try to explain to steam, that they have to pour 48,5 million dollars down the drain...... ( 5% of the yearly turnover ). Also if you want something that is plug in and just work, please switch to console, a pc was and will never be plug and play! Finally i like to leave you with a german quote " Wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil! "

No need to be trying to self project on other people.

If you have issues with what is being discussed, you are free to not reply, but of course you can continue and make more of a hole for yourself.


This has gone from Max Payne not working to a defenseless person pretending to have a higher understanding of logic and then quotes that a person is a certain age.

Proving the words correct, you are much dumber than you think you are sweetheart :)

Incorrect, i can give it back 4 times harder is what you mean, the guy is totally condescending from the start, i started polite.


Thanks for your contribution though.

Have no interest in getting involved in a flame war, But on topic, perhaps a compromise that would make Steam more money would be to take older games and see if they, or the Devs, if available, can create patches for newer OS's. granted, I am no developer, but it would not surprise me to find out that some software is just too outdated for a modern machine to work with. That being said, I do not believe a lot of these games would take a ton of work to modernize.  To be fair though, In order to prevent piracy, the folks selling the product need to think about making their product available to everyone, and easily accessed by anyone;  

What the hell is going on here? Just run XP in a virtualbox for old games like everyone else does! its a normal thing to do. I do not see the issue you are having Defender_of_Sparta. The fact that steam even offers games that are older is a miracle in itself. I also run windows 95 in a virtualbox as well for some games that don't work in XP.