Why Do Phones Have So Little Memory

i was thinking the other day why all phones have only like 8-64Gb of memory couldn't you make the phone a little thicker and stick a 1Tb ssd on the back or something like you can even get memory sticks bigger than 64Gb couldent you put the memory storage unit from that in the phone or something

  • Interfacing an SSD to phone hardware would be extremely difficult and expensive.
  • The majority of the consumer market don't use more than 64 GB of storage on their phones, so there is too little demand for it to be economically viable.

all about demand and profit the company can make, and the demand is not there, can you really fill 64GB onboard then about another top of 64GB SD storage on top? 128GB is a lot of storage for your mobile games, music and apps, so the demand is simply not there, mobile applications are a lot smaller, I mean NFS Most wanted on mobile is just short of 1GB after patch, I have 12GB after OS to play with then SD transfer ability to another 16GB, more than enough, also they cant just strap a SSD to it, would require a M-Sata interface or some new interface instead of SoC style, more expensive and bulky people dont want that, but do give it time, it will come dont worry :)