Why Do People Hate Gnome 3?

Thanks for the large amount of info Zoltan, I will agree my Linux box is based on productivity and I've found it to be useful for multitasking and productivity. I will most certainly take a look at MATE when I get home. For the most part I just stuck with what was installed with the Distro, seems like I've been missing out on a lot of UIs out there.

I agree with the video making, personally I never found a lot of "good" Linux YouTube videos. Mostly a lot of people with Linux news or opinions. Of course you have the Indians making Linux videos but it's mostly a walk through. Qain and Wendell go above and beyond and explain why we do things as they do them while giving us the science behind it. May more learning potential in that.

well i prefer KDE and plasma 5 looks really nice  hope it comes soon :D and well gnome 3 feels weird to use compare too kde or gnome 2 or mate or cinnamon whatever DE                    and yeah qain wendell start make ALL of the linux/bsd videos lol ;3


I will start this with "I have ben out of linux for ages and I don't know what I am talking about." But i love openbox. Spent quite a while running CrunchBang #! and i loved it. Going to see if I can live boot it for the PC in work, get back to this. 


Why do people hate gnome 3

For the same reason anyone hates any WM or DE. Personal preference, mostly.

+1 linux defo needs more quality end-user promos at it's current state.

+1, also the use case scenario. Coders love WM's, office workers love Gnome, techies love KDE, etc...

Thing is, as soon as gamers find out it's possible to win 10-20 fps by using a WM like Openbox or Enlightenment over a DE with compositing, those WM's are going to become a hell of a lot more popular lol