Why do people dislike Gigabyte boards?

This was what I was looking for too. French company released their RMA data. Gigabyte are good. ;) 


Yeah that´s probably the reason why Gigabyte needed 4 revisions to finaly getting the vreg cooling design on the 990FXA-UD3 right lol ☺

No for me no Gigabyte realy. ☺

I refused to buy their boards for a while because of a bad experience. I finally broke down last year and bought a GA-H77-WiFi to build a Hackintosh. It has been pretty solid. My only real gripes so far are that the board felt like it had a lot of flex when I was installing it and that the default fan profile was useless. I'll be sure to post a rant when the magic smoke escapes.

I don't know what is is like buying motherboards outside of the US, but when I did my first build, and was reading up on different motherboards and checking out reviews, gigabyte had the most DOAs and failures of any other brand. And not just their motherboards, their graphics cards had reviews of fans failing, or being loud and inefficient. I also don't like their color schemes but that doesn't matter a whole lot since I put performance before looks. If you saw my rig, everything is a different color lol. Not everything made by gigabyte is a waste of silicon, but I just cannot trust them for reliable components.

Gigabyte AM2, AM3, AM3+, socket A, all those boards i ahd contact with, every singe board worked like cr*p, stutters, lags, all sorts of problems.

For me, gigabyte = never. And that is nto only boards, GPU's also. Avoid at all cost, that is my rule I follow for years now.

In terms of quality, theya re good, no problem, working long time, for 10+ years. Problem is, i rpefer board that will work 3+ years as it should, instead of board that will work 10 years terible.

4/5 GB boards I have used have failed in some way. I avoid them like the plague now.


Personally I have a gripe against Asus where everyone here praises it to the moon I found the quality control just horrid as I owned 4 boards and within 2 years all 4 died and having just issues with it in the time that they worked.

On Gigabyte I never had problems with them have 2 boards which still run fine although I switched to Asrock for the better price and frankly Gigabyte became to expensive with their boards compared to the competition here.

I'll never buy another Asus product as long as I'm breathing. They're stuff seems nice. Until you have to RMA. Then you're in for trouble. Am looking at a Gigabyte or Asrock board as a replacement for a MA990fx evo that they can't seem to fix and won't exchange. It's 5 months old...

I personally try to avoid Gigabyte mostly because of past traumas that have left me with dreadful night terrors lol. When I buy a piece of hardware I usually buy it expecting it to last at least a few years. I don't ever expect perfection and I can tolerate bugs to a degree but my experience with Gigabyte is that most their motherboards have a very short life span and when they do go its usually a trouble shooting nightmare to nail down exactly what when't wrong and where.

Thats just my experience tho, every one has their own and I'm sure there are a few good Gigabyte boards out there that are still ticking along. You also have to consider usage, stress, and environment when picking a board as well and I tend to work my hardware...well..hard.

I have a Gigabyte board and I am unhappy with it. The bios is horribly laid out, most settings don't have a very good explanation of what they do or what some numbers actually mean, and voltage control is a joke. Oh, and the stock voltage it sets my APU to 1.4V. I will not be buying another Gigabyte board again.

I've used Asrock, Asus and MSI for motherboards for myself, I did make the mistake on ECS for my mother.. never again... But I've yet to use Gigabyte for the motherboard, did for a videocard years ago, but never the board.

For me, it's the features I'm looking for, the VRM, cost and looks.. yes in that order. I never do stock speed for a cpu, so overclocking is important and a good VRM is a must. To be honest I only do manual overclocking for things like OC Genie and CPU Level Up are useless but the fan profiles help to keep the noise down. A good Bios is very helpful and gigabyte took so long to use the uEFI that I kinna past them over when shopping.

Price and reliability.. I'm used to paying $120-220 for a motherboard and I tend to choose ones that last. All my Asus ones in the last 10 years are still running, From my A8N-Sli premium that is now owned by a friend, P5K in my Dad's rig, M3N78 Pro in my mother's rig (mostly used for a HTPC), P5Q in my youngest brother's rig, my 2 P5Q-Es (one is my Father-in-law's rig, the other is my IPCop router) to the M5A97 R2.0 that's supposed my wife's rig but is more the file server and vent server. Add to that the G50VT and N61JQ laptops.

The main reason I'm using a MSI z87-g45 right now was when looking for a mother board that was reasonably priced with a MSATA slot, this was the only one out there that was reasonably price I could find. From Micro-Center I paid $341 for both Board and i5 4670K. If that feature were on a Asus board for that price, I'd have gone that way. I got the MSATA SSD from a friend and didn't want to use the adapter after I upgraded. 

But looks, for me.. a lot of Giga-byte board are hideous Black and orange are not colors for me.... the black and green are that great either .... though the black and gold for Asus is a turn off lately too

I am a pretty basic user, and my 970a-ds3 runs my fx-4350 like a champ. Been using it for the last 6 months and never glitched once. When it comes to upgrading I think I would stick with gigabyte although I think I would recommend something else. Shame the motherboard is a nasty shade of blue, it stays behind my un-windowed side panel anyway though.

I have seen many semi-modern AMD absed gigabyte boards die recently. This past week I have had a GA-MA785G-UD3H AM2+ motherboard die in one of my personal computers, it wont even POST anymore. And within the past month one of my clients had an FM1 board (GA-A75M-S2V) do all kinds of crazy things. It literally wouldn't stay turned off, the PCI-E x16 slot woudlnt work with any known working video card, and the ethernet port stopped working. Oddly, it was still stable in all games, ect. but all of the issues were fixed by buying a new motherboard.

for me personaly in order. from highend to lowbudget.


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  • Asrock 990FX Extreme 9
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  • Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0
  • Asus M5A97 R2.0 ( till FX6300)

I've had terrible luck with AMD AM3+ Socket A boards with gigabyte, but I can't claim my personal and limited experience is representative of the average.

My 990XA-UD3 works just fine.

did anyone look at this. RMA list from large retailer. Gigabyte are one of the best. http://www.hardware.fr/articles/831-1/taux-retour-composants-4.html