Why do people complain about 30 fps so often?

I personally have played on both console and PC and find that PC gamers can not stand 30 fps. Now it might just be me because I am very used to BF3 on xbox but when I play on the pc at 60 fps I struggle really feeling a diffrence. I know there is one and it feels smoother but I really don't think 30 fps is that bad. Is this just a console curse or am I crazy??

Once you become used to 60fps, 30fps becomes annoying.

I moved from Xbox to PC about 6 months ago and I can stand the frame rate.  I can't stand that damn controller though.

I'm pretty happy with ~30fps myself, you can discern a difference past then, but it does get difficult.
I usually work with 25fps for my animations so that's wha I'm used to.
The more the merrier really. 

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Play a game like ARMA at 30 fps then play it at 60. There is just a smoothness feeling of aiming and moving your character.

Normal vision requires at least 25 to 30 fps to be smoothe, and while I agree that 60 fps is preferrable it is not necessary for good gameplay. Anything above 60 is just overkill because your eyes cannot adjust to pick up all the extra detail that is displayed.  I have played some games @ 200 fps, and while the coolness factor is there, it is not really doing any good for your vision in game,( I have two nice vidcards in crossfirex and manually capped them @ 60 fps and it keeps the overhead really down @ 1080 p).

Now if we could get some decent fiber up in here, make an old mans day....:)


30 FPS, to me, is way too choppy. I'm coming from 60 FPS (overclocked monitor to 89, lowered it back to 60 for longevity), so seeing 30 FPS is like walking through rocks; bumpy, rigid, and not enjoyable. 60 FPS is very noticable to me.

it does depend on the game, someone mentioned arma, yeah you'd see a big difference in arma, though alot of games do look perfectly fine @30

I used to be a Console Gamer myself and could stand the frame rates, but now I'm used to 60Hz gaming, when it begins to dip below that level I really notice a difference, Especially on Bioshock Infinite where my system can't quite handle it and runs at 35 Fps in gun fights, that begins to seem really choppy to me, just wait, you'll get over 30 FPS gaming and you'll slowly to become one of us and cringe at that kind of thing.

*chants* ONE OF US, ONE OF US..... 

Yeah, I'll agree with that.

I usualy game with anywhere between 25 and 60 fps.
But yes, from what animation and film work I do I usually run at 25fps, that's what I'm used to so when it comes to gaming a lower frame rate doesn't really bother me.


I agree that SOME people need only 30fps for it to be smooth, however I'm, for better or worse, someone who can actually notice a difference between 30, 60, and 120 fps, and honestly I feel that some people really do noticed frame rates higher than 60, and to them it makes a difference.

Im gonna jump in here and say your wrong, if you can not tell the difference after 60fps well there's a few good reasons for that and it's got little do with a persons eye's considering the human eye does not see in frame's per secound, the eye's dectetion rate is measured by flicker fusion frequency which is a much faster moving process than frame's per secound but anyway.

I game generaly from as low as 50 to 75 fps and going from that to an xbox 360 or ps3 or whatever is stogey and sluggish to me, frame drop's stand out more also texture rendering delay is something i notice alot aswell it just bugs me i also notice jaggies and so on. i personaly don't like console's and think they should be abolished lol but some of my friends still use em so yeah but that's me, iv gotten use too higher quality presentation of my entertainment that's all.