Why do APC UPS's use a USB Type A Port?

I can’t seem to find any info with a quick google search. Why would they sell products with intentionally misused ports?

Why do you say they’re “intentionally misused”? What’s “misused” to you?


Not just the APC ones use it. I have a different branded one and it uses the same USB A port.

Arent the USB ports for letting the computer know when to shutdown? Also battery health and status.

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I think Iowa was referring to the expected socket to be something more like a USB B, mini B or D connector on the UPS
so less “misused,” and more “used the wrong one”

As you know, the idea of USB being a Host+device model, and typically type A sockets are for the host side, which would connect to a device

As in, computers have for a long time had USB A sockets, and they are primarily Host’s, and it would be useful for a device like a UPS to have a device connector, so one could easily connect a USB A cable to their computer (or a server) and USB b to the UPS, for monitoring / reporting.

I don;t mean to tell you what you already know, but I think iowa was referring to the choice of a host port?

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OK, that’s possible. My APC UPS’s still have serial ports :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t have any UPS’s with USB either. (only a smol one with serial too) but I would have expected USB b or mini b if it had USB…