Why did you choose your job? Which? Pls. Everyone!

(I don't mind if it appears in inbox.exe video)

I am now stuck doing my german A-level in economics on an economical and IT school.
But I have no clue weather to go IT, programming, banking or anything else...

I am very good at:

-arts [music, drawing, sculpturing, 3d design(but never done animation)]
-thinking ( I won't decline it, but I am somewhat smart :)
-math and physics
-quick learning
-extreme-sports (I don't really know if this is relevant at all, but I list it just in case haha)

Last year I had a terrible accident: I wanted to go to the german military and do some IT security other there, but broke my arm 2 days before the pre-examination(test you do before you enter)

Language skills are great: I speak Russian, German and English fluently, advanced French and attending Italian.

Right now I really enjoy learning JS and am very interested in security.
I just can't decide which way to go^^

What is a great mistake is: I am always switching hobbies 

oh and sorry if there're some mistakes in this text, I didn't look it through, please tell me if there are any.


I watch over the mentally handicapped. I just kind of fell into it. Its not a profession, by any means, and I'm just doing it until I can go into computer forensics.

i'm a mechanic, because it's what i'm good at, and there were multiple very helpfull people who helped me get places, whereas there wern't many people looking to help in some of the other fields i was good at

If i were you id focus on security, you can combine your language skills and IT security skills together.

Its very rare to get a job you actually enjoy and even more so in the current job climate. Your other interests such as music,drawing sculpting etc in truth have very limited carrer options and things like 3d design,physics,maths all require many years of learning/fine tuning before your ever likely to be employed in those areas (unless your happy to be at the totally boring end where you do the shit work for other people).

Id suggest looking into government security jobs (Militärischer Abschirmdienst?) or something along those lines, atleast that should cover some of your interests and they always like mulit lingual applicants.

^same except Video game development instead of forensics

I originally wanted to go into a science field, but I grew being a cynic and trying to attain something financially reasonable, knew I couldn't ever afford it, even with working a job and attending school, which is funny, I attended a private art college, kind of cheap, but now swimming in debt.

I have a degree in comp. animation, and most of a masters in visual effects.  Currently just floating along like some sort of detritus waiting for a job to pick me up.  I specialize in video editing, motion graphics, and compositing.

Yep, it is actually called MAD(Militärischer Abschirmdienst), too. 
Though I never looked into that..
I'll research that, thank you :) 

I am a full time stay at home dad - i was a mechanic but i have Schuermanns disease and am unable to work until I have rods put in my back.  BTW anyone want 2 kids? going cheap!

I am a Loss Prevention/Security officer At a huge 3200 acre resort. I chose this job because its the just the right mix of responsibility and constant new situations to deal with.

My first choice of work was Artillery with the US Army where I operated tactical targeting computers for HIMARS rocket launchers for six years. But after getting injured overseas I found myself unable to re-enlist for medical reasons. This was the best job EVER. The people were great, the work was exciting, and I got to see things and places that few people have even thought of... Some of them I can't even talk about.

Penetration Tester, not sure I need more justification for choosing this profession other than being paid to break into things...legally.

Well I'm finishing up my AA Degree at a local community college, but sadly that means nothing in Iowa. Even if I wanted a job in IT or really anywherein degree means nothing. Most places won't even hire someone with a degree since they might have to pay them more. 

But with that said I was lucky enough to get a job at a major corporation here in Iowa. It's a window manufacturing facility called Pella windows. Since I happen to live in Pella, Iowa and jobs are really hard to get right now I was really lucky. 

Now a factory job was not my first choice but I enjoy working with my hands (which might explain why I love building PC's) and the pay is really good so I can't complain. As of right now I wouldn't call it a career but who knows, it might be in a few years. 

I work on the internal IT Help Desk for CenturyLink at their corporate headquarters. It is based out of my home town and I applied for the job right out of school. I have done this for 6 months now but am in training and will being over to a new RIM (remote infrastructure management) team that we are starting, we are starting a server monitoring service.

**edit**  should have said "will be moving over" lol