Why did valve fork wine (to create proton) instead of contributing upstream?

I’m curious why valve chose to fork wine rather than just contributing? Does anybody have any insights into this? Was the project not moving fast enough for them or something like that?

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I think because wine is controlled by the Collabora folks and the brand ownership is a corporate thing.

To my understanding and if I recall correctly (and I dont have anything to link to this), is that Valve actually funds a certain amount for the Collabora folks to work on Proton. So technically, the wine folks are the ones working on proton.

edit: My bad its Codeweavers and not Collabora. Here is the link


Well, technically speaking anytime you work on an already existing project you are forking it in the first place, to then upstream your changes.

And Valve is also upstreaming a lot of their changes. Whether they are accepted or not is up to the WINE maintainers. Sometimes it just takes time.

Also Proton itself is not WINE fork. Proton is a set of tools built around WINE to integrate into Steam and its runtime.