Why did cherry mx switches become the goto for mechanical keyboards?

Is it because they make so many different kinds or something? Theres alps, Matias, topre, and buckling spring. I can understand why kailh switches are less popular, though they are gaining, but how did cherry mx switches become the top dog, when theres so many others? I'm not trying to say that one kind is better than another just wondering how/what they did right to get where they are when they are relatively new compared to some of the others. 

Build quality and variety and then eventually but quickly huge support from big companies.

That's what i'm guessing at least anyway.

A couple of years ago Cherry realised that their patent was running out, so they contacted keyboard manufacturers with better prices on the switches and increased their production. The first nicely priced keyboards became popular so the thing took off. Now the Cherry MX cloned switches are flooding into the market, but Cherry have made a good bit of money they would otherwise not.

I'm hoping for something similar to happen with Topre switches, but they're inherently more expensive to manufacture so we can only hope.