Why Consoles are Better than PC's ( The Never Ending War )

Alright, first post on forums.
So, first off. I have a gaming pc, along with an Xbox and PS3.
Now, this isn't to bash on either side. But people always have
discussions on which is better. Lets get some things out of the way.

- Cheaper
- Easier to use


So, for $400, the type of pc you get can't max out games.
Nor will it be able to do any serious gaming or editing.
I have a $400 build.. trust me. But it just can't..

In 2005, if you can build a pc for $300 ( Retail Xbox Price )
That in 2014 can handle games such as Call of Duty : Ghosts
( Call of Duty is Just a Huge Franchise ) I'd be glad to see it.

Most $2000 computers from 2005 can't run it as smooth as a console.

I'd like to see someone who has a gaming pc that can, comment down below
if you have video proof of it. Anyways, computer just get out dated much faster.
Now, you all are probably thinking. " Well, Optimised, you can upgrade your pc. "
True, you can. But if you build a $400 build, $400 cause it's the console sweet spot.
By 2018, you'll need to have upgraded the HDD, Motherboard, Processor, Ram, just to
be able to keep up with newest games. Graphics may be better, but your paying the price.

- Deals
- Graphics
- Upgradable
- Development 

Game prices are  * MUCH * cheaper than you'll find on any console.
Also, most games downloaded, saving the risk of scratching disks and laser burn.
(Let's be Honest, Who Uses DVD's on the PC Now a Days ) but being downloaded, games
load much faster and without constant studders. Games will also look better, that is, if you have
the correct hardware. But if you only have $400, your limited to the amount of gaming you can do.

BTW, I'm not mentioning exclusives because both have their own.
Nor am I going to mention emulators. As those also include piracy.
" It's not piracy Opt! " Yea it is. Making this as fair as possible. Stop complaining.

You can edit videos off your pc, again, if you hardware is powerful enough.
You can edit photos also. Even et into modding games, editing coding, html,
etc. Basically, you'll be able to learn more, and do more.

- Both Have Ups and Downs
- One more Serious the other Just for Gaming

It's basically what your into, most people are just looking for gaming.
Just to be able to turn on they're system. Navigate, then start playing a match.
Not really into all of the advanced editing taking place in After Effects for example.

If you buy a console. You'll be able to surf the web, stream, and play with friends.
Same with computers, but your basically forced to upgrade, or own outdated hardware.

Consoles offer you that * Guaranteed * that years from now you'll still be able to play.
Unless your a wii u gamer haha, but anyways.  That's why most people lean that way.
They just wanna get on and game.  Not worry about needing a stronger
graphics card to handle crisis 3.

Comment your side down below. Feel free to disagree with anything I've said here.
But, the side I'm having to go with is consoles. Mainly, just because, I won't have
to worry about upgrading any time soon. While as for a PC.  You might as well
buy a new one after a few years.

Thanks for reading. 

You seem to have missed a lot. First of all, the games on the last generation of consoles scaled into their life span in terms of graphical fidelity because at the start of its life span, barely anyone could efficiently program for either console due to their strange architectures. Contrast this to the current gen, both consoles are x86 based. The quality of the games seen now on the consoles won't be improving at all like they did in the previous generation. What you see is what you get and looking at that subjectively, it really isn't much at all. You can easily build a computer (in my country, at least) that will perform similarly to the next gen consoles and seeing as neither the PC or the console will magically get better, you're simply better off with the PC as a result of cheaper games with a wider variety.

The only differences really seem to be a walled garden experience on consoles that costs more money; a few exclusives between the two platforms and ease of use... and then there is the Wii U.

I don't feel like arguing this, done it too many times. Enjoy your favorite platform.

Didn't bother to read much of that, because it's not easy on the eyes. Apologies. In the UK, it is possible to build a computer, with an OS, for the same price as a console and an online subscription. That computer would have a greater level of performance.

I just don't believe consoles are cheaper. Console users will likely purchase an online subscription, which they must do every year, to play online games. That diminishes the value, greatly. A few years worth of subscriptions is equal to the value of a graphics card. I fail to see console's strong suit. Sorry.

Besides the sports games that rarely appear on PC. But then fact alone, does not warrant £££ for a closed platform.

No mods, no glory.

Consoles hold back game development. *See Ubisoft related news.

TL;DR Rather spend my money on graphicssss. Not a cash-farm console online-subscription. Happy for anyone to get a console if they're lazy.

These Threads really need to stop.

NO ONE is Holding a Gun to your head to Choose or Jump on the PC GAMING platform or ANY Platform, lets get that out the window. I do believe the Majority of people on the forum are PC gamers, but there are Console gamers on here as well, i don't think no one minds it, Logan's "Kill Your Console" videos are more of a Suggestion video, and he CLEARLY states "Here are the Reason you should be on the PC gaming platform", and he lists his points. which are reasonable.

Now I Cold-Heartedly Disagree with Most of your points, and Let me Explain Why

  1. Consoles are NOT Future-Proof, and Neither are PC's. however Consoles are ALWAYS outdated faster cause you are STUCK with the same bloody hardware for 8 to 10 years, Assuming the Console Cycle continues to be like that.
  2. The Reason Consoles Appear to "Last Long" is due to the fact that the Console games are MADE to run at a specific Graphical setting for that specific Console and all Console games are made to run at a specific resolution and at a Certain frame-rate. if it doesn't meet these qualifications they tone down the graphical settings TILL it does meet these requirements, Examples of this are Far Cry 3, Skyrim, Crysis, Call of Duty, Watchdogs.
  3. if You are on the PC Gaming Platform NO ONE is forcing you to upgrade your PC. at least you have the option to unlike the consoles. I'm pretty sure there are people on this forum who still probably have a GTX 500 Series GPUs or GTX 600 Series GPUS from Nvidia or a 6000 Series or 7000 Series AMD GPUs. 

Also to Add on Consoles have more Con's than PC Gaming has Cons

  1. Consoles once they are outdated and new consoles come out, your games DIE with that console. you want to play GTA 5 again? oh how about you re-buy it for the Xbox one cause i can't play it on it.
  2. You are paying Sony / Microsoft to Play online? "what are you high Microsoft and Sony?" you are already paying for internet from your I.S.P (Internet Service Provider) why do you have to pay Microsoft and Sony to play online?
  3. Consoles don't GIVE you the option to upgrade, unlike PC's if Your Hard Drive on your Xbox Breaks, Whoops times to get a new Xbox. if my Xbox Disc-Drive Breaks, WHOOPS time to get a new Xbox, Unlike PC's You can change out your components if something breaks, HOWEVER, let me Reiterate NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO UPGRADE.

That is my Tiny Rant right there,

But please Educate yourself on the Pros and Cons of Both Platforms. also I mean no disrespect what-so-ever. If you can have both PC and Consoles they hey more power to you. Like I mentioned above no one is forcing you to be on any of them. one platform just gives your more options than the other. and Logan's Videos are here to educate us.

That is ALL.


I don't know how many people here also watch Linus' videos, but there's this one just uploaded today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYG-7T2LVDc

If you don't want to take the time to watch it, they were able to run Watch Dogs on High settings @ 792p30fps like the Xbox One.

On a GTX 480.

Downclocked to ~400 Mhz.

Part of the reason people upgrade PC's every few years is so that they can run 1080p (or higher) at 60 fps (or higher). I don't know about anyone else but I can hardly stand playing a game at 30 fps, and 1080p is a bare minimum.

Also, I find PC's to be much more fun what with building, tinkering, etc. But that's incredibly subjective so it's a moot point.

Consoles actually seemed a lot more appealing a decade ago. The original PlayStation was fairly easy to use; putt a disk in - play. No installations, no patches. Game developers actually had to make sure they're releasing a finished product, instead of something they have a chance to patch up by the time the product reaches the shelves.

I'd like to see an Xbox 360 that had been running since 2005. With the average lifespan of a year an a half, plus subscription fees to play games online, it really isn't much better than Improving your PC every other year.

The current generation of consoles is seriously underwhelming as well. Finally running consistent 1080p resolution when 4K is all the rage? Mechanical hard drives when SSDs have been the the greatest thing to hit the market in the last 5 years? It really doesn't look like the new generation of consoles will last half as long as the previous did.

For me, the biggest selling point is actually reverse compatibility. I can run X-Com: Enemy Unknown on a PC I got today, ten or twenty years ago. Not without some struggle, but Steam actually made it pretty damn easy, plus I still get all the mods that improve the gameplay mechanics. I believe Sony decided that it's not worth letting you play your PS 1 and 2 games, when they had a chance to resell them again over PS Plus.

I went away and had a little think. I think if the console market disappeared, and all the revenue shifted to the PC market, we'd have:

Smaller form factor PCs/ smaller parts

Cheaper hardware

More advanced games development

Streamlined use


With all the revenue that consoles are sucking up, they are robbing us from developing a superior platform. With that in mind, I have to say, consoles are more of a hindrance, and not a help. PC could easily satisfy the needs of today's console gamers.

agreed however, Like Steam once you buy the game on Playstation store they stay on your account. which i guess is the real benefit of it is that the majority of Old school games from the PS1 to PS2 era are also playable on the PS Vita if you own that. and in a way the argument about re-purchasing old games on the PS store is a double edged sword that they do have some games we probably didn't own at that time anyways and it makes sense to purchase a vita to play those games on the go instead of re-purchasing those old consoles.

I believe the reason why console gamers don't want to join the PC platform is cause they don't want to learn and deal with their PC's. i actually have friends like that. i kinda felt like an asshole cause i poked fun at one of my friends for saying he bought GTA 5 for Xbox 360 and said he was going to buy it again for the xbox one. i told him while laughing "you know if you were on PC you wouldn't have to be dealing with this bullshit" then he stood quiet. but i don't think we should make fun of this dude decision but i'd be contradicting myself if i said i don't make fun of console gamers.

Well, I guess they can only re-sell you the same old game so many times on PS Plus. But Vita sounds like a waste of space to time to me, considering I can easily run PS 1 game emulations on my smartphone. I've replayed a lot of the games I used to love from the days of PS1, before anyone brings up the piracy angle.

I wonder how much market Sony could've hit if they were to start releasing PS2 games on Android, instead of limiting them to a dedicated platform.

Well, that one might not actually be that unique. PC had seen quite a number of HD Remakes recently. Although not often withing a year.

I don't think it is appropriate to compare a $400 pc to a $400 console. I'm willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of console gamers own some sort of pc. Let's say the average pc costs ~$500. Now let's say you are in the market for a PC (something everyone needs) and a gaming platform at the same time. You could get a pretty average pc that will be fast enough for daily tasks such as web browsing and even some basic games, and a ps4. On the other hand, you could invest all $900 into a fairly capable gaming pc. You could build a machine like this one. From a technical perspective the PC is far superior, and unlike the last generation of consoles, the current gen of consoles are not comparable to a high end PC at the time of launch. In 2005 you needed a $1000 pc just to keep up then. This generation of consoles perform about as well as a mediocre gaming notebook from 2012.

As for longitevity, I have been through 3 xbox 360's. The sad thing is that isn't uncommon in the slightest. Durability probably won't be an issue for this generation though, seeing as how the current consoles are so weak they can't even run 1080p smoothly with 4k just around the corner. I give this generation another 4 years before the PS5 and Xbox "random number here" are released (another $400-$500). I also have to pay $50 for xbox live every year, not to mention the significantly higher cost of the games themselves. The cost of ownership after initial purchase is drastically higher than a gaming PC. This difference in cost is what pays for your upgrades every few years.

Of course PC gaming can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be, but you could easily enjoy a console level of performance, if not significantly better, for about the same total cost (initial + cost of ownership) as a console, and the gap in performance will grow over time. The last generation of consoles were struggling to run games at sub HD resolutions with framerates frequently in the high teens and low twenties. I don't mean to sound elitist, but I don't find a game very enjoyable below 30 fps. 60 fps is ideal, but with a gamepad I don't need as much responsiveness as with mouse and keyboard so 30 fps is manageable. So while you are right that a high end gaming pc from late 2005 would struggle to play many modern games, so does the xbox 360 and ps3. The textures were extremely muddy, resolution and framerate kept getting lower and lower. It actually got to the point that I think the early titles look better because current xbox titles just look muddy to me. I would describe it as feeling like playing a game through youtube. Obviously the quality isn't *that* bad, but compared to a pc the difference is jarring. 

This. Man. Speaks. The. Truth.

honestly i'd think they'd make a killing selling them on the android market, but i don't think people really want to play console-grade games on a touchscreen or even on a TV (my example being the OUYA), i really don't mind it depending on the game like fighting games for example i've played Mortal kombat since the very first one i don't know if i would like to play that on a Nexus 5 or a Galaxy Note 3.

But really the Vita is not so bad. it doesn't have the insane library that nintendo has, but the best thing about it is that we have access to the Golden Era of Console games. and some Remasters of Classic PS2 games and PS1 Like Jak & Daxter, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and the Persona Series and Crash Bandicoot. also Nintendo is not innocent either when it comes to Re-Selling you the games you own, Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Metroid (Technically) thats why it sort of doesn't bother me that much. but i do think people would prefer to play some of these games on the go even if we can emulate all these classics on the PC.

Is another one of these topics really necessary?

If consoles didn't exist then we wouldn't have exclusives which would make life great at you could just build a $400 gaming computer and we could all play what ever games we liked.


Console exclusives: Games that are not special. Nothing we can't do without. Far more exclusives on PC, anyway.


The best way to deal with console exclusives is not to care about them at all