Why can't I post shell commands and pathnames?

Hi guys,

when I try to post something like a pathname or a shell command, I get "Error 403 Forbidden".

File examples:

/etc/ shadow

sudo cat /etc/ shadow | grep root

If I remove the space between "/etc/" and "shadow", I get the error and cannot publish my text.

Command example:

ps au

works. Trying to use "ps au" with "x" doesn't.

It doesn't matter if I use preformatted text, code or whatever.

@moderators is that a known issue? Is there a way around it?

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sudo cat /etc/shadow | grep root

edit: here's an ugly work around. Copy and paste works correctly.

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403 errors on certain content within attempted posts are also discussed here

Also, the @moderators tag does not work. I think it requires fixing.

Going to close this thread, so please read through the linked threads above and use those to continue the conversation if needed.

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