Why can regualr members see this?

IDK if this was meant to be a mod/admin section of the forum only, but i can see it :P but i might be wrong, or im just imagining this and thinking im on RTW forums LOL!

wat, no i can i see it.

lol admins don't have anything secret to discuss with eachother.. so it doesn't matter to them, at least not yet.

i can see it


look at subforum

LOL everyone can see it... idk why its there cause it never gets posted there but its there.

i didnt even no this was a section on the forum

i can see it

Mods as in modifications to computers. Lulz. EPIC FAIL TO YOU ALL.

i thought it was like game mods for like oblivion and stuf

There are no secrets

and if we wanted to keep a secret, why would it be on the forum anyway.

theres plenty of other forms of communication.

no secrets!

ok ok, sorry lol, never mind, the forum didnt have a discription like the others, so i got confused lol

Well. There is a secret place for mods. We can make private post on the blog that only mods can see.

apparantly, there is no secret sexy time for MODS...