Why are there SEVEN Chrome.exe in my Task Mangager?

I understand that every tab in Chrome has it's own .exe, I'm fine with that. But why do I have SEVEN Chrome .exes running even though I only have one tab open. Here is a screenshot from a few minutes ago.

I only have 8 gigs of RAM. I've been wanting to upgrade to 16 for a while now, but just don't have the money atm. It's really annoying to just be running just be running WoW and a few tabs of Chrome and my PC keeps giving me this warning of low memory and begging me to close programs. (Windows 7 btw)


I believe Chrome uses processes for each tab and each extension or something like that.

When in doubt, nuke and pave.

It's how modern web browsers roll nowadays. The more plugins and extensions, the more processes will be created to keep them running separately from each other. When you get that message about RAM you can check what is really using it up. How much RAM is World of Warcraft really using nowadays? With 8GB there should be plenty to spare.

Easier than producing a 64bit version which they have now done. Also reduces chances of rashes as it reduces the overhead of running large number of tabs. Trust me it helps when you have 10GB's worth or tabs open

is it just me or does that image totally destroy the page layout?