Why Are Macs Over Priced?

I was just wondering why Macs are over priced.

because no matter how overpriced they are tons of people still buy them so why would Apple lower their prices if people still buy them

it's most likely as expensive as they can sell them without their profit going down

Basically, it is branding. They have established thier name in the computer world; back in the days of the Macintosh, despite only having 256kb of memory, they were the go-to choice for personal computing. Competitiors back then still had more powerful machines, but the GUI that Apple had was a big draw. Apple has always sold their name and design. Now that the machines are powerful enough, and their name established enough, they sell them for extreme amounts of money for outdated hardware. Just because the hardware is outdated, such as the 5800 series GPUs that are in the Mac Pro (desktop), it still performs well enough to make Apple seem like the better company to those who don't know anything specific about the hardware. It is a simple instance of Apple planting their name and design in the market for long enough and persistently enough for the general public to accept it as the better product, which naturally comes with a larger price-tag.

Not only overpriced but for the most part, outdated.

They're mac pro line is disastarous.

They just updated their macbook line to ivybridge and that was only some of them.

Mac air is outdate and crappy anyway.

Nobody really cares about AIO's anyway so they're quite far ahead there.

I mean what is the actual purpose of one? Yeah, it may be down to 5mm thick and stupidly light but who cares? It's not like you're going to pick it up and take it to school/work with you...

If people will pay, they will over charge. Until people stop Apple will continue on the same path.

proprietary parts and screws cost more than ones that are a standard

it´s much of a psychological thing i guess. like a new BMW or whatever kind of technological toy you can buy overpriced. it gives you some status. it yells "I make more money than you" out in the world so everybody can see and envy you. its the envy you pay extra for... just until you realise that people with some technological background smile at you... but not because of kindness :) 

Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity

yup sounds about right. hey guys were making to much money lets buy some macs to hide the extra.

I think it's mostly because they put so much money into the design of their computers. They spend so much money trying to make the design perfect, which they then have to make up one way or another. Although, one thing you can say about Apple is that on the software side they are relatively cheap. It's just the hardware they really ding you on. But their baseline models are usually priced fairly, when they really ding you is when you try to upgrade any of the baseline parts, as an example look how much extra they charge for a 64 GB iPad in comparison to a 16 GB iPad.

The other thing, you can look at the Bill Of Materials, and try to see how much the profit margin is, but BOMs don't say how much money was spent in research and development of the product, so 50% profit margins you see based on the BOM are pretty much meaningless.

The worst thing Apple does in pricing is that they never lower their prices to reflect the decreasing value of the parts from when they were first released. That is just asinine.

because it's called apple, and apples are tasty

I don't think $80 every two months is very cheap just to have updated stuff...

Theres a few reasons why mac is soo expensive...

1 - the product, its sleak, their imac screens are rather good and look beautiful, the hardware on imacs has caught up which is nice, but your paying for a powerful all in one PC.

2- More money than sense, Not all people are lke this, there is very good uses for macs, my dad used em back in the system days, he created a massive print project for his tutors and only a mac could pull this off, today there still for design use, windows is good yes, but mac just works with the design, it also looks, but anyways, i went into a mac shop, i like putting ubuntu on the screen to annoy :P but most people i saw in there where talking to apples "genius" team, and they dont even know what the highest output of a HDMI cable is without looking on google, its the blind leading the blind.

Big business - Big businesses use macs for stuff like editing, BBC use macs, ITV probs do (English channels) they have a better workflow than windows for editing, with multiple desktops, and no fuss half of the time, you get a lot of not responding in windows cause there is more to go wrong than OSX as OSX is a smaller system in theory.

Security - now this is a load of bull to start with, OSX can be hacked and infected i mean the file:/// exploit was found i duno if it has been patched tho, but its still more secure than windows, the app store is closely watched via apple, and only specific products get into the store, hence why higher produced games get into IOS market compared to android, there not immune, there better protected and people who duno their way around a firewall think there safer in OSX.

now im a windows user, although i want to try a hackintosh at somepoint and maybe move over fully, i find my self lost in other OS, i love taking piss out of apple at the end of the day also, but you cant deny the fact apple products are some of the best out their, iphones are the biggest selling phone around, the ecosystem is locked and with that better controlled, more secure and works with the devices compared to android with all different phones with different specs and short lifespan, although i prefer android to iOS.

apple knows their strength and will continue to play on it until the tactic is dead, and it wont be for a long time.... 


i just ate a honeycrisp i can second this.

its because apple are evil

It's usually because people associate the prestige of the brand with quality. And Apple does usually put out products of supurb quality (save for the chamfer on the iPhone 5 bezel, which is sad.) But not only has Apple managed to make their name practically synonamous with quality, but they've also become well known for simple and elegant interfaces with great ease of use. So for many people, especially those who intend to get a PC for the first time, or those who want a product that can last a while and still remain somewhat relevant, a Mac seems like a good choice. I know I love my MacBook pro (13" mid-2010 model) because I'm not sure that many of the PC's from that era and price range would still be working with the way I accidentally abuse my computers. Although I do still wish that I could get ahold of one of the specced out HP DV4's from that time period, in white. I thought that was just the best looking computer in that price segment (I wish Dell would also rerelease an Adamo by remaking the internals of the first-gen ones and stuffing them into the old case design, because it was gorgeous.)

ok this is my opinion in the overpricing of apple, apple is like the designer brand example

running shoes : slazenger $50

                        : brooks $110

                        : Nike $ 220

shirts : Target $20

          : billabong $60

          : vesache $290

you get the piont... you are paying for designer goods with apple. i am not an apple fanboy i do own a macbook pro and to put it simply it just works i like it as it is a very nice laptop and i have no problems with it it has some good design features i also like PC i am in the throws of rebuilding a PC that i will be using for gaming the PC will be my desktop solution and my macbook my mobile solution

Actually believe it or not there is a reason behind Apple's pricing and it traces back to John Sculley, when the first macintosh came out the original planned price was $1,995 and he raised it to $2,495 (that would be like rising a product more than $3000 nowadays) the reason being that he believed that paying for adverts and marketting with that extra money would pay off in the long term, and since it worked that has been part of the Apple policies, I remember I read it in a book years ago can't remember the title but yeah they have a ridiculous formula and all, you end up paying like 3 or 4 times a given profit or something like that. So when you are buying an apple product you are paying much more in ads and marketting and beautiful glass for apple stores than in the product itself. and as I said this is completely real and a company policy

You can do the same things with a PC that you can with a MAC. However a MAC on average will cost you about 2 to 3 times more money. Here is a little chart or guide if you will. Just click on the image to enlarge it.


Over priced? I guess that comes down to how much (or little in OP's case) value you put on Aesthetics and Stress free computing experience.