Why are Corsair pricks and where can I buy their stuff?

Hi all!

So, why do good companies always have to have a douche bag side?


This is about Corsair link. So basically they made up Corsair link, it was cool on paper but not in sales but I still want to use it. Now I have the Corsair RM750 PSU and it's pretty bloody great BUT it has the whole Corsair Link thing. I thought I may as well use it seen as it's there and it comes with the cable for it and I have one USB header left. But they basically chopped the cable in half and I have to buy another piece.. Why. the. fuck. would you do that? What are you achieving? More money at the cost of loyalty? Ok well that's great, now where can I buy this extra thingy? You've dragged me in this far and as annoying as you are being Corsair I still want to do this Link thing.


Do any of you guys or gals know where to buy this adapter/long lost hidden piece of cable? In the PSU's box it come with the bit that plug into the PSU and then it turns into a 3+2 pins connector instead of a USB header connector. I believe the product I may need looks like this http://hothardware.com/image_popup.aspx?image=big_corsair-link.jpg&articleid=1887&t=a but I just can not for the life of me find it, ANYWHERE!


Help is much appreciated :)

Contacted the place you bought it from? I'd do that before bagging Corsair further. Could be a very honest mistake.

It's not, Corsair don't include the rest of it with any of the RM series PSUs except for the 1000w one which is pathetic.