Why are apple keyboards massive turds?

Half the time pressing shift doesn't do anything, I have to push all the way down for the key to realize it exists, and the press center is so small and pointless that if I can't hit the exact center of the key it won't ever go down.

The fuck apple.

there's your answer


Use a different keyboard?

Maybe you're just too used to mechanical keyboards

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What apple keyboard are we talking about exactly?

made by turds,
for turds...

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Its silver with black keys. I'm pretty sure it came out with the 2006-2008 mac pros.

This is me when ever you complain about old crap. Please do yourself a favor and just get a proper NEW keyboard.

I'm working on it mom :P

the main problem with apple keyboards for me is how easy they wear down. i dont use my school computer often enough for the keyboard to become a issue for me.