Why are 90% of new monitors VGA or HDMI only when Display Port is much better

Hi everyone I'm looking to get 2 new 24" monitors to go with the one i already have and replace my very old 24". I was hoping to get ones that were Display Port ones that so when the next generation HBM2 video cards came out i would be all set. But the more i look the more i see only VGA and HDMI only connectors on the cheaper priced ones. I had thought VGA would have gone away by now considering video cards don't really support it any more. DVI i would have thought would have replaced that as the base connector.

So my question is, is it worth getting these monitors and just going from DP to HDMI? I don't need 4k just good 1080p quality monitors for CAD and Video rendering.

Because Display Port is like the VHS standard that was better but did not get used.
Maybe because most home theater things got an HDMI port? Dunno.

You answered your own question: because they're cheap.
Cheap devices are usually old and in the past those were the standards.

DP is not being implemented much because of legacy support.
A tv only has HDMI because all of the devices that is supoosed to hook up to it only has HDMI

These are normally $180 Samsung computer monitors Even Dell monitors under $200 dollars are the same way.

HDMI started appearing on consumer equipment around five years before Displayport was even introduced to the market. Because it uses identical signaling to DVI, it also served as an easily adaptable connector to legacy hardware.

DisplayPort has the same capabilities as HDMI and is overall a superior connector and interface, but it was too late to the party. By the time it arrived, HDMI had already taken over the market, and every television, DVD player and set-top box was using it.

DisplayPort is license-free, so companies like Dell and HP snapped it up in their business and corporate departments as fast as they could as soon as it appeared. That's why you see so many Dell and HP business machines with a DisplayPort connector, and why many of their business-grade monitors have DP connectors.


I understand that HDMI showed up before DisplayPort but its just sad to see that these monitors from these manufactures are only using VGA and HDMI on their monitors.

So It wont cause any problems getting these HDMI monitors and when i get a newer video card i can run an DP to HDMI cable and it will still work the same?

Yup. you can. Displayport can adapt to basically anything else except for dual-link DVI without an active adapter.

I have an R9 Nano. My only options are 3 DPs and 1 HDMI, but I run two DVI monitors off of DP adapters and a DL-DVI display straight from HDMI - That's the one single advantage that modern HDMI standards have over Displayport.

Perfect thank you I was going to veto getting the monitors just because they are HDMI but i think I'll get them on black Friday for $100 I can run everything off my 270X 4gig for now until Vega comes out with HBM2. then ill probably be going with at least an 8 gig version.

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What monitors you looking at??? All the good ones I shop around for have DP, HMDI, and DVI.

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Samsung True LS24D300HL/ZA 23.6" LED Monitor, Black staples has them on black friday. I have a version of this one that is a few years older with VGA and DVI that i use on DVI and the quality is great. For a while i was going to go with a 32" led tv but the more i read the more i decided not to because i still do a lot of text stuff, and from what i have read text is hard to read on 1080p tv's. since im getting into programming and my 10 year old daughter uses my tower for her homework and her programming classes in school we need to be able to read text.

i have 3x 1080p monitors with hdmi to display port adapters on 2 of them. have never notice any difference between the hdmi and the display ones. the adapter does it job and probably cant deal with 4k but my 4k monitor has hdmi 2 and no display port so i dont have a way to check.
i use
because they had them at the store and i could not bother to wait for the mail.

i found cables on ebay and amazon to go from display port to hdmi with no extra bulk so i would probably go with those anyways.

The reason VGA is still around is an easy answer.
There are simply too many old computers in industries everywhere (and even brand new pc's) that have VGA support. To not have it available would detriment sales to a large consumer base.

so everything but monitors will force you to get new stuff or upgrade but monitors will still have a connector that is about 30 years old.

Thats fun

I'm pretty sure that Dell and BenQ have some pretty solid and affordable 24" 1080p IPS monitors with DP. I'm perfectly happy with my $200 Dell P2414h.

It is because enterprises see no need to upgrade 1000s of computers for monitors that only run MS office.

Has very little to do with the consumer space.

display port is creeping in at the higher end, like 4k, 1440p high refresh rate, where many companies probably reuse board design and stuff from older models and just drop newer screens when talking old 1080p60

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Yeah, can confirm that here in the enterprise; ALL of our touch screen business production monitors are DB-15 ONLY. 15x15, max resolution of 1280 x 720. And at 500$ a pop to boot. Thank god we are getting new ones that are 1920x1080, with HDMI and DB-15.