Why Arch Why?!

Why is it that Wine and PlayOnLinux are listed in Arch repos but will not install on Arch?

I get a bunch of lib32 dependencies that wont install. And trying it through CLI brings up "package not found." Using PacmanXG gives me the error "Running makepkg as root is not allowed as it can cause permanent catastrophic damage to your system."

What gives Arch? Installing wine and POL on Debian-based distros is as simple as sudo apt-get install wine playonlinux -y

U got the all the repos active?

Just installed wine & POL to check this but had no issues

"sudo pacman -S playonlinux"

EDIT - make sure you have the multilib repo enabled first

I don't want to judge you, but from the short description you give(actually running makepkg as root/sudo) it really sounds like you shouldn't be running Arch.
If you want to keep going you will need to enable multilib, this allows 32bit software like wine to work.

   sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

and uncomment

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

For more details checkout

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