Why am I never happy?

No, this is nothing to do with depression or anything, Sorry if the title was misleading.

I am planning to pick up first rig before christmas, featuring the R9 280X. All the reviews seem very positive, and I have to agree.

However, I can't seem to be happy with it. For example:


Take that link for example. I know the R9 280X can run most games at optimal, but it's just because it may not be able to run Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4 at 60FPS on ultra that leaves me wanting more.

I know I can't afford to buy a better card, and to be honest I don't think it's worth it. In 2 years, that £500 graphics card will be super cheap. I don't as of yet have a source of regular income so money is most definatly an issue. 

No, this wasn't just me moaning. I would like to ask for some advice on how to feel better about the card. For example, give me some more positive FPS rates. Thanks

I know I can't get any more for my money, but that doesn't matter to my mind :(

If my 7950 provides that kind of performance and only cost me $169 CDN (thank you NCIX warehouse sale!) then you shouldn't be worried about the performance of a 280X which is essentially a re-branded 7970 ghz edition. 

Crysis 3 even makes Titans work hard, so that game is a bit of an exception. Still, with my GPU OC'd, at 1080p on ultra with only the AA turned down a little, I can average 50fps+ and rarely ever drops below 40. A 280X should have no problem hitting 60fps average with Crysis 3.

I would look for hot deals on the out going 79XX cards. They still kick-ass and will be supported for a very long time yet, not to mention OC headroom. Most 7950's can be OC'd and nearly match stock 7970 performance. I've done it with mine and it's voltage locked. BF4 is a walk in the park at 1080p ultra for a 7950 as well. 55fps average at stock clocks. Shouldn't even break a sweat for a 280X.

Just food for thought.

I say this, you have your card and you are not on the market for a new one... it's time to stop looking at charts. Seriously, NO charts, no reviews, nothing. Do not allow yourself to look at anything until you are ready to upgrade again. 

I think people can get stuck focusing on the fps... when really, it's all about playing the games. You probably have a zillion games on Steam that you haven't played. I bet many of them will run perfectly at max setting with that card. I say, just game! Gaming will make you feel better... when you feel better, it's easier to get things done... and who knows, perhaps an upgrade will follow soon after...

The last option is to sell the 280 and anything else that is laying around on ebay... use that money to upgrade. 


Honestly, trying to get the best of the best every time is pointless, I had come to that realization long ago. Sure having games run at ultra with 60 fps is great, but realistically there are only a few games that actually push cards that hard. If you actually put a side bye side comparison of ultra and say high or medium quality you would see not a whole lot of difference. So don't get hung up on the fact that you can't play the top of the top games at a certain setting. Enjoy the game at a  playable frame rate and the setting won't matter nearly as much.

Try looking at the charts this way, instead:


No matter what you buy, there will be something that outperforms it. Imagine how all the people with Titans felt when the 780 Ti came out! They spent $1000 on a card then BOOM, it was getting outclassed in benchmarks.

My advice would be to wait until you get your machine and see if the R9 280X does what you want it to do. When the actual performance isn't cutting it for you and your components are keeping you from doing the things you want to do in the way you want to do them, that's when you upgrade.

See if it's cutting it for you before jumping the gun on another card.

You don't have to play every game on ultra. Yeah, it's nice to turn up all of the eye candy and brag to everyone around you, but there's more to games than graphics. 

I'm gaming on a gtx 580 and it took just over a year to make the best single gpu card on the market turn into a mid-range gpu (equal to the gtx 660). Pretty shitty. But I can still play Bioshock Infinite on High settings at over 60fps, I can almost max out Max Payne 3, I can play BF4 on High, and I modded GTA IV to oblivion and can still pull a very playable 40-50fps average. 

Stop thinking about what your card can't do and focus on what it can. If you do get a new card, a couple of months later, something faster will come out and you'll be back to square one.

In addition to the comments above, you can also try turning your settings down from Ultra to High.  In most of the games I have played, there is very little difference between the two (except for the huge FPS drop).  Not to mention, some settings like motion blur are imho entirely useless.  I know I sure as hell don't want my vision to be impaired while I'm trying to competitively play a game like Battlefield.

I hope this helps.  Just think about it this way...at least you're not playing at 720p and barely managing 30 fps. :)

"Stop thinking about what your card can't do and focus on what it can."  This is so true. 

I think the issue is more psychological than anything. Many of us have the "it's not quite good enough" mentality, which isn't easy to overcome. 

I like Logan's suggestion to just start playing games and enjoy your rig. It's not about maxing out every game, it's about playing them and enjoying them. As everyone else has mentioned, the difference between "ultra" and "high" is very much insignificant. 

Ultra settings are unnecessary. You probably won't be able to tell which is better if presented with recordings of the game on high and on ultra.

And it's not that it matters anyway. Actually, most good games that came out for the last few years are good not because of graphics.

:( I have so little to do at the moment. It will be probably 3 weeks till I can play at the minimum, and the only game I play, LoL, I just got banned for a week on due to my laptop crashing. All I have to do is browse the internet, which normally results in Tek Syndicate and looking at my build.

Ah well, it's just 3 weeks I guess. I'll grind it out.

Check out community markets too next time you do look around. Friend of mine got the same GPU as me for £100 less simply because he was part of a members market on OCUK. And like logan said if you try it out for a bit and if you don't feel it's enough sell off an re-budget. 

You got a 7970 GHz edition and you only play LoL?

You'll be fine, man. xD