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Who's That Poké... CPU?

Hi all !
So i’m throwing away an old 2U ibm server i had in my garage collecting dust and rust. while getting it into part, found a Xeon CPU with no number or name i could find on google.

I don’t need the info, but i thought it could be fun to know. So, Who’s that cpu ?

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2004? Doesn’t matter, it’s no more valuable than the pile of rust server it came from.

It is an old Nocona Xeon

Neat :+1:

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Thank’s for the code name. Those are old, but pretty fast single core CPU :slight_smile:

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Yup. Probably some pretty good stuff way back in it’s day…its a shame in some ways but great in others that technology marches on so fast. I have a couple old systems around with it’s original software. Like an old P4 laptop with Windows 98. Not that they’re useful but they’re just not worth anything but the sentimental value for me.

On the note of old CPUs, I bought a bunch of old Nehahlem CPUs in an auction that went super cheap. I am going to make a shadow box collage or maybe glue them into some sort of statue type thing to put on top of my server rack.

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